Monday, 10 January 2011

Not your standard resolution post..

Seeing as it's been about a year since I originally pledged to start using up more of my stash, I've decided to see if I've actually stuck to the resolution..if I have then it's nothing short of a miracle as I've only ever been able to keep one resolution in my whole life.

The products were as follows..
The smudgepots..didn't get used as much as I had hoped..mainly because I show my Bobbi Brown liner too much love but also because the Jade one took a bit of work.  The purple one also dried out but I brought it back to semi life and have been using it as a liner for the lower lashline.  If anyone knows how to properly bring it back to its former creamy existence, let me know..  The black is yet to be used, I should really pull my finger out and start using it incase it goes the same way as the purple..

These have been used a lot since I made the resolution.  I use the liner right at the bottom (Stila Topaz) on a daily basis as it makes my eyes look bigger without being too stark against my skintone.  I tend to use the purple ones whenever I want to make my eyes look made up without putting much effort in.  The No7 one comes out as a dark purple and the Stila one is lighter.  The turquoise one is hard to wear to wear at work as it is fairly bright but it's one of my first choices on a night out..

Being the good beauty blogger I am, I have swatches..

Then there's my beloved Stila Noire palette.  When I first bought this, I bought blind.  I got home and saw how light the colours were and my heart sank, thinking I'd never get any pigmentation from them.  How wrong I was! This palette is probably the only one I have where the pastel shade comes out the same colour on my skin.
Looking at it in this photo I miss how clean it used to look as it now has fallout all over it and I should really tidy it up.  The black shade has been my "go-to vamp it up" shadow when I'm going out right after has featured on the blog many a time and I yet again, have swatches..

The original Sleek palette..I loved this back in the day.  Now I'm not reaching for it so much.  Mainly because when I first had it, I didn't work where I work now and I could get away with wearing bright eyes to work.  Now it's mainly used for experimenting and party wear.  I use the black and navy as crease colours but that's about it..
Look how nice and clean it was at the start of the year and the state in which it saw the year out, I really need to clean it..  My feelings about this brand have changed drastically since I did my resolutions post, hence my reluctance to buy anything else from them..

I love 17.  Their products are on the whole, cheap and well worth the money.  The only product of theirs I didn't get on with was their felt tipped liner but apart from that, I love everything they do.  Their shadows are pigmented, smooth and cheap.
The good thing about 17 is that the shade they use in their palettes are available instore as a full eyeshadow, I can't remember the name of these off the top of my head but I have seen them instore before.  They also repromoted this very same palette (albeit under a different name) so I picked it up again.  This has been used a lot by me this past year and has slowly crept into an everyday colour.

This is the only product that I haven't really used since it was last featured.  I don't know why that is, it is really nice.  I think it has to do with the faff factor, I have other highlighters which are just easier to use.  I do reach for this when I have the time to sit down and do my makeup properly and am going on a night out but apart from that, it stays in the back..
I have plans for this baby..plans which will soon be revealed!

Anyone kept their resolutions from last year? Got any new ones? Anyone failed already?


  1. I loveee that Sleek palette, I have it! I'm so glad I discovered Sleek after seeing so many bloggers rave about it haha.
    that stila blush is really pretty!
    nice swatches - as always my love :)
    eliza xxx

  2. Cool post, Topaz does really suit you.

  3. I like the pale lilac-y colour from Sleek original, it's got a nice gold duochrome and looks pretty fit with a black outer v and crease.

    Amethyst looks gorgeous in your waterline! I could never pull that off, I'd look like I have pinkeye with my pale skin lol.

  4. I had the purple Stila smudge pot but I had to throw it away as it had dried up and I couldn't save it. I am trying to use up more of my stash too, I have quite a few products that are so close to being finished like foundations. I am trying to be good and not buy so much and use up what I have. So far I have backed 2 mac for two lipsticks!

  5. I've never dared to use anything other than black or white/pale pink to line the inside of my eye..the purpley colour looks suprisingly good!

  6. Oh that Topaz eyeliner looks gorgeous! Amethyst looks great on you too!

  7. Eliza: Thank you :) I find their shadows to get crumblier as time goes on and I find myself reaching for others now.

    FaceFixers: Thanks!

    RaeRae: Lol! I look like an idiot when I'm wearing white in my waterline. I might try that lilacy look if you don't mind, I never thought of doing that before.

    Meeta: Well done! I am trying to find a way to fix it but it's not going well. I am going to start using the rest of my Stila stuff as I feel it will go off quickly.

    Persephone: You should try blue, it works very well on brown eyes..

    Lillian: Thanks!

  8. Oh wow those pencils are amazing colours!


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