Saturday, 28 August 2010

EOTD: How I got Stila Smudgepots to work!

I bought a fair bit of Stila back when they had their warehouse sale and I was a noob to the blogging world.

Smudgepots were the one item that confused me, I wasn't sure how to use them.

I'd read that you could use them as an eyeliner and as a cream shadow.   They were priced at a fiver each, I bought two (Jade and Black) and then I found Purple lolling around in the £1 box so I picked it up too.

Look at the little goldeny flecks..handsome!  I must have bought a dodgy one as it doesn't touch the sides like my others, it still works just as well though!  Well actually, how can I say it works just as well when I've never used one was placed properly in the jar? It works PROPERLY is what I should be saying.

The big brush of FAIL was utilised as I'm not ready to give up on it yet and it actually worked quite well.  I also managed to "fix" the bristles after using it, I cleaned the brush on a bog standard tissue and it's back to its fluffy self.

The end result! I'm still working on getting the flick just right but I see improvement because there is no space between the lash line and the eyeliner.
It's quite wearable.  I've worn the liner to work, albeit with a very small flick, it has a slight glittery element to it but it doesn't make you look like a discoball.  I used to think that this smudgepot was terrible but it turns out that you just need to coat your brush properly and away you go.  It spreads across the eyelid with ease and is very creamy. 

As an aside, you don't know how many times I've tried to make this smudgepot work for me.  It always failed.  I couldn't figure out why it was, then I realised that it was probably the brush I was using (this one).  I saw a video by Lisa Eldridge on the 'tube about how to line your eyes, I followed the directions and I came up with this.  She used a thin eyeliner brush, the one I used was clearly fatter but the principles are the same.  Do a thin line practically IN the lashes first and then build up and it looks FAR better.  I've been a good blogger and found the video for you too! Click here to see it.  I know I got the flick wrong but it's a work in progress, if I can figure out liquid lining, I can figure this out too!

If you can find any on ebay or something, I'd say buy them.


  1. Argh, this looks like an Estee Lauder cream shadow that I always obsess over but havent bought yet. And if I recall correctly that one is called Jade too O___O

  2. Nice colour there!

  3. it looks really good! :D I think I used to have this but I can't be bothered with liner! lazytown!

  4. looks soo pretty, i love colours like this x


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