Friday, 2 April 2010

A brush? For your face?

I struggled for ages to come up with a natty title for this post and you can see that I failed.  I was watching Phoenix Nights when I settled on this title so it's meant to be read in the whole (the link is to Youtube so be warned if you've got your volume up) "garlic...bread?" rhyme pattern.

This badboy is one of my beauty "investment pieces".. my other investment piece being my GHD's. 
I use this ALL the time (as you can tell by the battered bristles) and I have had it since I was 14..that's 12 years come April 23rd.  

What do I use it for? Exfoliation mainly, I put my exfoliator on and then swirl this around my mush until my skin feels cleaner.  I also use it for removing masks.  I don't know if I'm the only one but I get a bit annoyed when a mask hardens on your face and you add water to remove it and it forms a paste and you have to really rub your face to get it off (the mask, not your face..)  Well, if you use this brush you can wait for the mask to harden and then (whilst the brush is dry) swirl it around your face and it will take all the masky bits off, leaving you with nice, smooth skin.

I used it after the fridge man left and my Korres mask was ready to come off, this is why there are white bits ensconced within the bristles.  I also used it over the course of the weekend, this explains the green mask bits on the handle.  I'm not a dutty cow, I do wash this brush ;)

The Body Shop have changed the design of this brush and you now only get the brush with a handle right on top of it.  However, this is where I'm happy with The Body Shop because they've made the item smaller AND reduced the price.  The new brush costs £3 whereas mine cost me £5.

Considering how much I've used it, a fiver is nothing..says the girl who as a 14 year old baulked at paying five quid for it as she only got £15 pocket money a week.

Has anyone else used this and if you have any skin investment pieces, let me know!


  1. Garlic Bread! Lol - I adore Phoenix Nights... Anyway, back to the matter at hand - I've read a lot of good things about this facial brush... £3 is a total bargain too for the new version!

  2. oooh!!
    i always see posts and videos on these sort of brushes, but when i go shopping i completely forget that i want one lol
    but i want one!!!!
    and about the face masks turning into a slimy unmovable paste!! argh!!
    hate it
    but i used my exfoliating sponges to remove it!

  3. hey i tried lookin it up on the website but cudnt find any similar bush???

  4. Hee hee, i love Peter Kay.
    I bought this brush but have only used it about twice, it really scratches my face more than i'm used to :/

  5. I have a brush like this from Biore, but it's nearing the end of it's life span :( so I may just pick this up

  6. MizzWorthy: I think it's too funny, Kenny Senior is my favourite because he lies about the smallest things. I'm pretty happy that TBS took the price down too, companies don't often do that. I'm not sure how the new one will handle becauase the handle is quite dinky.

    desiiGirl87: I find that my exfoliator sponges get really gunky or they scratch my face, this brush is really good for just taking the flakes off.

    Rashi Arora: You can't find it on the website, I tried to look for it but is in store, I got mine from the store and I've seen it in store as recent as this Monday just gone, it's always under the Tea Tree range.

    Lillian: His biscuit skecth is one of my favourites. Mine used to scratch my face too and I just used it with a lighter hand, I know it sounds obvious but try it, it will make a really big difference.

    SilhouetteScreams: I never knew Biore did face brushes! All we get here is the skincare range.

  7. wow love the look and sound of it :) I will get this for sure next time I am at the BS!

  8. Thank you for going to pick one up :)

  9. This post has been in the back of my head ever since I read it and I finally picked a brush up today! Wooot! And now my face is too sore post laser to use it... booooooooo!

    Watch me freakin' lose the damn thing before I get the opportunity to play at DIY facials


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