Saturday, 14 August 2010

The 300 follower giveaway! NOW CLOSED!

I won't go through the old "I never thought I'd get this many followers" line because for me, it's true.

Here's what I'm giving away as a way of saying thanks:

A MAC eyeshadow of your choice

A MAC fluidline of your choice

  • Be a follower.  Like I said last time, if you're a freebie mongerer, I will know so feel free to try your luck but it won't work.  If we converse on Twitter and you are blog-less, enter but do let me know!
  • Answer this question: If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? It can be a whole three course affair if you wish and I'll let you choose a drink too, 'cos I'm nice like that.
  • You get one entry for posting it on here.  Three entries if you blog about it.  Five entries if it's in your sidebar.  Let me know which of these you've done and leave a link if you can.
  • The giveaway is worldwide.

The giveaway has no end date yet, I'll end it when I see fit..


PS As a few have asked me what my ideal meal would be, I thought it only fair that I answer, so here we go:

Starter: Deep fried mozarella/deep fried Jalepeno peppers stuffed with cheese (see a recurring theme here?)

Main: It's a toss up between either sweet and sour pork with noodles, meatballs and spaghetti or chicken biryani.  I've been craving noodles for ages, I'm having meatballs tonight and I had biryani last week so I'll go with the noodles.

Dessert: This caused me the most anguish but I'm going to say Ben and Jerry's Phish Food.

Drink: Non alcoholic: Diet Coke.  Alcoholic: Organic apple juice and other variant of vodka or apple juice will be accepted.


  1. My last meal would be
    Tomato Soup and warm bread for starters
    Prezzo Italian Pizza for main course
    and Lemon Meringue Pie with cream for dessert
    To drink probably a smoothie
    It dosent really go that well together but as its my last meal I dont think it matters!

  2. I'm a follower.
    I also put the link on the sidebar.

    My last meal / desert would be chocolate = )

  3. I'm a follower! And we converse on Twitter too :P

    If I were on death row, and it was my last meal! It better be something awesome by some chef, and the more expensive the better :P

    Nah who am I kidding? I think if I was going to die it probably wouldn't matter, I wouldn't be thinking about food!

  4. Ohhh tough one! My last meal would have to be BBQ chicken wings, vegetarian lasagne with lattice fries and a salad with sticky toffee pudding for dessert! ohh yeaaaaaa!
    The main course seems too healthy considering I am about to die... but I likes what I likes... :)
    Great prizes too honey!! xx

  5. aww congrats my dear!!!

    omg! this ones too hard, i just cant choose! ill have 3 things ive never had before i think nothing too yucky tho. hope that counts oh n for the drink ill av a fresh mango lassi = desi style

    wat wud ur last meal be?

  6. My last meal would be... something really spicy, maybe Singapore vermicelli with lots of chillies, followed by a big, fat ice cream sundae. xx

  7. Hi!! I'm a new follower via GFC!
    My last meal would be omelette and pizza!
    I don't have blog, sorry.

    Ana Belén R.M

  8. My last meal would be composed of chicory gratin (it's made with ham and bechamel sauce - rhhhaaaaaa I'm drooooooling) like my mum was doing it. To end, I'd want either an ice cream (strawberry, pistachio, salted caramel) with lots of Chantilly. All this with a great red wine since you're cool enough to offer a drink. ;)

    i'm a follower (GFC: jellynat)
    If you check the right sidebar of my blog, you'll see I made an announce for your giveaway:

  9. I follow your blog now officially (before I was just an RSS subscriber, now I'm following through Google Friend Connect too). I'm not only a makeupaholic but also a foodaholic, hahah, so this should be fun...

    I'd like a three cheese fondue with crusty bread, then a course of vegetable pasta with lots of ricotta cheese, and then dessert of a huge ass slice of Tiramisu. Washed all down with a Long Island iced Tea. Damn, that sounds know, the food, not the death row part ;)

    Thanks girl!

    P.S. I also posted this in my blog sidebar for 5 entries!

    lipstickncandycigarettes at gmail dot com

  10. Oooh my last meal would be chicken with pilau rice and chocolate cake with fresh cream, and have to have my mint tea!

  11. Congrats on 300 followers! I am already a blog follower. Love your blog, my best friend is Desi too! :)

    To answer your question, for my last dinner...I'd go with Ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery, A Apple Martini, Chocolate Covered Gummi bears, and a piece of Chocolate Silk Pie. I have a huge sweet tooth, and if I'm going out of this world on death row (er, hypothetically of course), might as well add a few cavities ;)

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  12. My last meal would be a huge rich, luscious chocolake cake with pralines and hazelnuts. Death row or no, that transports me to heaven anyway..

  13. Been a follower for a while, but we haven't chatted on twitter because I am just now working out how it really works !
    My last meal...mmm... don't know what it would be, but I know it would be loaded with jalapenos... that way hell won't feel so hot to me lol !
    Thanks for the giveaway
    Martiandelights at

  14. I'm following your blog :)

    My last meal would be Chinjabi noodles, that's Chinese chowmein made the Punjabi way - greasy and spicy *slurps* :D

    You should tell us what yours will be!!!

  15. I have a feeling that i am going to be hungry after writting this...damn you :D
    i would choose a greek salad to start (extra onions and olives and a side of jalapanos)
    Rare steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions with a side of garlic mashed potatos, bbq sauce and gravy
    cherry cheesecake for dessert
    and a long island ice tea

    sounds so good right now haha

    oh yes and i am a follower :)

  16. Congrats on the followers! :D

    lol that's one heck of a question hun!

    I would like some Vegeterian Sizzlers please! They're hard to find the UK :(

  17. I'm following your blog now (:

    My last meal would be a huge Italian pizza with vegetables. For dessert, I'd choose chocolate soufle. And apple martini at the end (:


  18. My last meal would be my mum's omelette for sure!
    I am a follower, (Catanya)
    catanyasthings @ yahoo. com

  19. I am a follower :)

    Have also put in side bar..

    My last mean would have to be..some kind of indian dish with a big slice of chocolate cake to finish :)


  20. Sorry forgot to put link to my blog for sidebar

    x :) x

  21. I am a follower!
    My last meal would be a crab that it's only on my country PR is a blue crab. I could eat a whole dozen my self, I love them that much!!

    I will be posting this is in my sidebar!

  22. Followed!

    Mine would be simple:

    Starter: Ceaser Salad

    Main: Hmm..Can't decide. I want sweet and sour pork too with noodles as well. I also want a lasagna and sushi!!!

    Dessert: Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

    Drink: Bubble Tea


  23. Hi!! I'm a new follower via GFC!
    My last meal would be cheesecake ice cream


  24. Congrats on the followers!!
    I am a follower
    My last meal would be steamed fish and lobster saute in honey with potatoes, ockras, carrots, brocolli, bammy & festivals. A drink of soursop juice and for desert strawberry cheesecake with a topping of rum & raisin ice-cream and whip cream.

    Thank u!!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Congrats on 300!!

    My last meal would be jalopeno poppers for starters followed by a Big Mac meal and then Rocky Horror desert from Harvester, all washed down with a giant pina colada.

    I've just made myself very very hungry :)

  27. Congrats on the followers. I've also got a giveaway going on at the mo, drop by my blog, girrrl!

    Okay, in answer to your question, hmmm, this is a tough question, here goes:

    Starter: The same as you which is breaded cream cheese with Jalapenos stuffed inside.

    Main Course: My mum's paneer karahi with her delectable naans.

    Desert: Oreo truffles (oreos mashed up, mixed with cream cheese, yum)

    Drink: Pepsi RAW


  28. Congrats on 300 followers!

    Starter: bacon and cheese filled potato skins

    Main: Chicken, bacon and mushroom risotto

    Dessert: pavlova

    Drink: Appletiser, yummy!

  29. My last meal would be
    Starter- french onion soup
    Main course- Shrimp and Chicken Alfredo
    Dessert- Frozen Yogurt
    Drink-Unsweetened Tea w/ Lemon

  30. I'm a follower!
    I think I'll skip the starter and the main and go straight for desserts. And have a lot of ittt. Ben & Jerry's icecream with all sorts of pies to go with it. And oreos, gotta have those too. Think everyting dessert-ish from, haha.

    email: snooze_atmsndotcom
    i put this in my sidebar at

  31. my last meal would be roasted turkey breast with gravy, mashed potatoes, and corn. :)
    I think I would just drink it with water. I like water. Meh.

  32. Hi, I'm a follower and I love your blog!

    My last meal would be thin-crust pizza with loads of mozzarella cheese...and blueberry cheesecake for dessert :)

    (I know the combination is weird but I just luuuurve cheese ;)

  33. Hahaha this is one of the best giveaway questions EVER!!
    So for starters I'd have my garlic chicken goujons with sweet chilli sauce and salad, mutated from a Jamie Oliver recipe.
    Main course would be spaghetti carbonara from the random little restaurant in Capodimonte on holiday last year and finally, belgian waffle with toffee sauce(the thick stuff) and vanilla ice cream. I think that meal would make me pretty happy :)

  34. I forgot a drink, Stowford Press!

  35. New follower u via GFC as Sadi

    i follow u on twitter @Sad20ful
    and tweet here:

    My last meal would be
    Chinese like Chicken Manchurian with fried rice, Chocolate Mousse and Pizza :D

    No blog :(

  36. I'm following your blog :)

    My last meal would be pure desi food that is pakistani or indian food like Chicken karahi, Biryani, gulab jamun,jalebi,and soooo many yummy food lolzzz

    You should tell us what yours will be!!!
    twitter follower @Innocent122

    sorry dear i dont have my own personal blog

  37. I'm a follower.
    My last meal would be pizza! And Dessert; Ice Cream
    I don't have blog :(

  38. Mine would be pretty sickly I would imagine if I had them all in one night!

    Starter - Moules Marniere and frites with a big chunk of crusty bread

    Main - chicken saag with mushroom rice, chappati, pickles - lime and aubergine

    Pud - baklava

    drool! Makes the tomato soup I had for my dinner seem even more pitiful now!

    Fatty Bumble

  39. Ooh drinkies!
    I would have red wine with the majority of the meal but I would like a cheeky cherry brandy or glass of mead at the end please!

  40. I Have a Link On my Sidebar,
    I m a new blogger huni, would love if it you checked out my blog, and my giveway @

    If I was on Death Row, My Last Meal Would be:
    Starter - Spicy Wings From Pizza HUt, Curly Fries with Chat Masala
    Main - Large Veggie Volcano Pizza Fromm Domino's :)
    Dessert - Chocolate Cake with a pound of strawberries
    Drink: Oasis :)

  41. Ohh and and! i have a link in my sidebar!
    if i havnt mentioned that,, and my email is:

  42. congrats! i'm a new follower.

    My last meal would be boneless hot wings and mango sweet tea. :)


  43. My last meal would be
    tomato and lobster bisque soup with toast NOT CRACKERS TOAST! preferably garlic toast)

    then my appetizer would be a boccocini cheese salad OMG SO YUMS!

    calamari, and onion rings and of course sushi (yes sushi is an appetizer >.<)

    Then I'd have bulgolgi (korean styled barbecue) then I'd have char siu (barbecue pork) and siu cheung (barbecue sausage) on plain rice with sweet soy sauce on the side.

    Dessert: Creme Brulee, Panna Cotta, Coconut Sago with taro sweet soup and lots of green tea ice cream mmm!!

    Yes I know it's a lot of food, but there's not alot of each type of food.

  44. Hi, if i had to choose, i'll have Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio, cause it's nice. :) and i'd have to choose Ben & Jerry's Phish Food (OMG) i just had two scoops of it last week :3 Drink: Starbucks Java Chip.

    By the way, nice giveaway! :)


  45. Hi, i've blogged about it!



  46. Hi, i've put it on the sidebar of my blog! :) five entries yay!


  47. hi
    i'm follower - maRyya
    my email adress is
    my last meal would be chicken steak!
    blogged about your giveaway here:


  48. All my food would come from the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse menu

    French Onion Soup
    Blue cheese, tomato and onion salad
    Filet mignon (rare)
    Onions rings
    cauliflower cheese
    fried mushrooms in butter
    Death by chocolate cake
    And loads of Chambord sours to wash it all down!

  49. Last meal... Well if I was going to die then I guess I 'd load up on things that were really unhealthy!!

    Thai Fish cakes to start, sorbet to clear the palette, then some Chinese duck pancakes, seaweed, spaghetti carbonara, maccy d's cheese burger, more sorbet, pudding.. oo gelato cheesecake, white chocolate parfait.. To drink.. some good wine and beer... and possibly somthing stronger to knck me out!!

    Great giveaway. I already follow you and tweet you sometimes.

    Congratulations on a fab blog- keep ut up! Emma xx

  50. Hello!

    I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.

    My last meal would be:french fries with lots and lots of cheese and for dessert: cheesecake or ice cream.

    I blogged about the giveaway here:


  51. I follow through GFC, but private. I don't like to use the word stalker, but I do have someone who follows me around to harass me so I don't like to publicly follow. You should be able to see that I follow through blog lovin' too tho, using dmj618 at gmail dot com. I also follow you on twitter as soofriends.

    I would want french onion soup with lots of cheese, a t-bone or porterhouse steak grilled to medium, a baked potato with butter and sour cream, and a slice of strawberry cheese cake. I'd want Pepsi One, Diet Shasta, or the Diet Coke with Splenda. (All of those are with Splenda, I don't like the aftertaste of Nutrasweet.)

    I don't have a makeup blog yet. :(

    Thank you for the super giveaway! Donna

  52. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  53. Hello :) I blogged about it and included it in my side bar:

    My Last meal:
    First course: Baked potato soup :) and a crab cake
    Second: Almond Crusted Chicken with truffle sauce
    Dessert: Raspberry Creme Brulee

    Drink: Alchy: Cosmo or Fuzzy Navel
    Non Alchy: Iced Mint Green Tea

  54. Congrats on the followers! :) I follow you via GFC.
    Starter: Tomato soup with buttered bread
    Main: Lasagne and salad
    Dessert: Lemon cheesecake
    Drink: Pineapple juice

  55. Im a follower ! And ive posted it on my side bar @

    My last meal would be at
    The kentucky fried chicken !! Im trying to eat as healthy as i can, also because i do sports a lot ! And for that last meal i could just go crazyyy at the kentucky ! And i would drink a lot of malibu cola ! What a calories ! YUMMY ^^

  56. I'm a follower and I've posted it on my sidebar. You can find it at

    My last meal would be..
    as a starter: hot spicy chicken wings from kfc
    meal: chicken biryani with tandoori chicken.
    desert: I don't think I can handle any more fat but I just love Ben&Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew.
    Oh and I'd love mango lassi to drink.

    I'm sure this is my last meal, because all that fat is going to kill me :P

  57. Congrats on the followers !! :)
    My last meal would be...
    Mushroom Alfredo,
    Fillet Steak (medium well) with Chips and peppercorn sauce,
    a huge chocolate fudge brownie sundae,
    and.. a Voodoo Doll Cocktail :P
    - Beth xx

  58. am i too late?!
    I follow you ^^

    my last meal would be a DAME BLANCHE (L)!!!!

    email: diamantje_c[at]hotmail[dot]com

  59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  60. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  61. I'm a follower and I would just go to the Melting Pot followed by nachos and cheese and a frappuccino from starbucks

  62. If I were to die, my last meal would probably be :
    French fries with ketchup
    Hakka noodles with vegetable Manchurian
    Big Banana Split with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice-cream
    And last but definitely not the least a big tall glass of orange juice topped with ice
    (I know that noodles with fries sounds quite revolting together but it is going to be my last meal, so i would want to have everything I love!)
    P.S. I'm a follower

  63. Oh god, I would probably go nuts and eat everything in the world :D but if I have to be specific....

    20 hashbrowns (goddamn I love hash browns)
    Tom Yum soup from my friend's epic Chinese restaurant
    A Quarter Pounder
    Raw Salmon Sushi Rolls
    Tuna Sushi Rolls
    Miso Soup
    And cheesecake to finish :D

    I suppose for alcohol I'd have a Long Island Iced Tea to get me nice and numb, and for non alcoholic I'd probably have a chocolate milkshake

    I've also thrown this in my sidebar:

    Email: silhouettescreamsblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  64. My last meal would be this :

    Starter : Succulent Juicy Prawn Cocktail!

    Main : A Pizza Hut Pizza (Meat Feast) With a Stuffed crust, With some of their side salad/pasta.

    Dessert : Warm Melty Choclate Brownie with Clotted Cream, Mm!

    Drink : Huge Diet Coke :)

  65. Congrats on 300 followers hun :) really generous prizes too. My last meal would defo be -
    Starter - Salt and pepper chicken wings
    Main - Homemade(by me!) king prawn stirfry with pepper, onion, pineapple and apple.
    Pudding - Strawberries dipped in chocolate and lemon/lime sorbet.
    Drink - Freshly squeezed orange juice. Yumyum!!

  66. Congrats on hitting 300 babe! I just started following your blog!

    My last meal would consist of:

    Raw Oysters, Fried and Grilled Calamari, Mutton soup/Mutton chop

    Chocolate Mousse Cake and Red Velvet Cake

    Drink would be shots and shots of tequila finished off with a found of good champagne :)

    Or maybe just a good ol fashion chocolate milkshake

    I re-blogged. Here:

  67. Ooo when I first saw this I thought it would be so easy to answer, but it really isn't! There's just too much good food out there! I have narrowed my selection down to:

    Starter - Orange and tomato soup, it's delicious and I've only had it in one particular restaurant in the middle of nowhere in Spain, but it left an impression!

    Main - This was extremely difficult but I will have to go with paella, it's the only meal where I will have seconds. And thirds. And eat all the leftovers while no one else is looking. So as a last meal I'd make the most of it and have a whole paella all to myself, so no one else will pinch the prawns.

    Dessert - Masses and masses of chocolate mousse! If it's my last meal, I certainly won't be calorie counting!

    I've advertised your giveaway on my blog as well, I think it's such an excellent idea but thinking of an answer has made me hungry...xoxo

  68. I would have....battered sausage and chips with vinegar with Vimto! It sounds quite common and nothing special but I don't live in the uk so I would go for that :)

  69. Congrats!
    a) Blog-less here.
    b) Stumbled across your blog today.
    c) Love reading beauty & fashion blogs in general
    d) I think my last meal would have to be fried noodles with beef, couples of pieces of salmon sashimi and good ol' vanilla ice cream to finish :)

  70. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  71. New follower here :) Enter me pls!

    My last meal would include the ff:

    Buttered shrimps
    Unlimited french fries

    Coke Zero! :)

    posted your giveaway in my sidebar:


  72. Hi!
    Nice question,last meal:)
    I think it would be some excellent pasta with lots of cheese..
    I'm follower via Gfc
    anuroininen at hotmail dot com

  73. Thats a tuff one, I would have to say... My mums veggie soup, warm crustie bread.Either Mac and cheese or a full christmas dinner and for desert it would ahve to be jelly and ice cream lol, werrid combo i know but there my fave foods ever


  74. I would probably have all the spicy chaats & pasta i can get hold of. As for drinks i would have Red Bull. I love it but don't drink it coz it increases my growth of facial hair but since im dying it doesnt really matter :P

    posted about your giveaway here:-

    also posted it on my sidebar :)


  75. :) I don't have a blog because I am shit at these things but follow a lot of makeup/fashion people because I find it oh-so-helpful!

    My last meal hmm.
    I'd ask them to get my mom to make me nehari, because my mom makes the best nehari EVER.

  76. Sushi and a bottle of red wine. I'll post about your giveaway and put it in my giveaway page as well!

  77. Congrats on your followers and such a wonderful blog!!!
    I have posted it on my blog:

    My ideal last meal would be:
    A crab soup followed by chicken stroganoff with chicken lasagne and Squid chilli as a side dish. The meal would be completed by a creme brulee and tehn i would have literally gone to heaven! :D

  78. I also retweeted it!!!


  79. Yea.. I'm the 400th follower.. I don't have a blog cos i can never be regular with those. Tried a few times. Major failures.

    So newaz, my last meal would include

    Shepherd's Pie (mom-made)
    Teriyaki Chicken (me-made. I make a killer teriyaki chicken.. one of the very few things i can cook without setting the kitchen on fire)
    Pancakes and sausages with bacon
    Chicken casserole (i know a good restaurant that makes that one)
    Beef Stroganoff
    KFC hot wings
    a juicy Beef Burger
    Tons of french fries

    with an unlimited supply of lemon ice tea and finish it off with cheesecake.

    I know most people are gonna be freaked out by my food choices. I mean who has breakfast with dinner/lunch. Well.. I do. I love breakfast and can have it anytime, anywhere.

    And since i'm gonna die anyways, I wanna eat everything. Lol

  80. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  81. My last meal will be sushi, Tteoboki and kimchi!!
    These are my fav food so if i have to pick i would pick these 3.

    i'm you follower.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway.



    I've added you on my side bar.
    i'm also having a giveaway, if you have time drop by!!

    have a nice day

  82. Congratulations on reaching 300 followers - now over 450!

    I'm a new follower on GFC :)

    If I was on death row... I think I'd go with the flow and come up with what I'm craving at the time. But I'd go for lobster salad sushi, Japanese chicken curry, pad thai, Mrs Fields choc chip cookies and pomegranate green milk tea with pearls!! Omg just listing these here is making my mouth water.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    reeree262 at hotmail dot com


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