Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. 
I love this badboy.

I've had it for two years and I have used it pretty consistently since.  Consistently in my world is a few times a week, I wear it to work as often as I can (4 days a week I'd say).
As you can see, it's a proper black black.  My lids are dark but this comes up a proper black so I'm more than happy with it.

It goes on with ease, is nice and smooth, very pigmented and lasts all day without the need for a primer.  You need the tiniest bit and it smudges out very nicely too.

In short..buy it!


  1. im going to buy this now.


  2. Whats this like in comparison to the mac fluidline and the shu uemura paint liner? i have them both, but im thinkin when im running low ill buy the bobby brown one

  3. Wow, i'm impressed you've had it 2 years and it hasn't dried up! I had an avon one that was dry in about a month :p

  4. Bon Vivant Clique: You won't be sorry!

    Amina: I find it far better than the Fluidline. I have trialled both of them (the Fluidline is my cousin's) and the Bobbi Brown one is much better, the black is blacker, it's smoother, creamier and stays on until YOU take it off! Never tried the Shu ones before but I'd rate this above MAC because the MAC one dried out on my cousin and she was far more careful with hers than I was with my BB.

    Lillian: So was I! I do keep it in a dark drawer though so that might be why but it's topless a fair bit of the time when I've applied it. I'm trying to find a dupe from the good old British High Street!

  5. Love this Eyeliner - great post!


  6. Is this waterproof? I have hoooded lids and am worried about it transferring.


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