Sunday, 21 November 2010

How much is your face worth?

Me and my cousins were discussing this the other day and all was going well until my aunt got involved.

Cousin 1 (who is 22) had a respectable total of about £30 (moisturiser, foundation, concealer and blusher), cousin 2 (who is 16) had a total of £15 (moisturiser, concealer and mascara) and I had a total of about £20 (moisturiser, eye cream, eyeliner and lipstick).

Then came the aunt..she well and truly put us to shame, below is an itemised list of what she had on her face and how much her face was worth..

Moisturiser: £122
Eye cream: £123
Serum: £68
Foundation: £21.50
Powder: £4
Concealer: £13

Lipstick: £35
Eyeliner: £10
Eyeshadow: £23

This is her "off work, low maintenance" face, I really want to know what her full on work face is worth.

You might say that all that stuff is fair given that she is of more mature years (heh!), but her sister who is about 3 years younger than her only had a total of £20..

As I dislike posts with no pics, this is what I had on my face that day (and what is my usual "too lazy to make an effort" face).
I was sent the lipstick before (swatch is here) and the eye cream was a GWP (review here).

How much is your face worth on any given day?


  1. Wow... I just added it up and I'm knocking on for nearly £120.....!

    Interesting x

  2. interesting post - today my face is actually worth a mere £1.50 as i only have my Avian moisturiser on lol (its a lazy sunday and im still in bed)

    But on a normal day, when im actually bothered, my face is worth, OMG its verging on £400 so im actually going to STOP adding! ima stick to my lazy total of £1.50!

    :O :O :O


  3. That's such an interesting post! I don't have makeup on right now, but here's how much my face is worth on most days :

    La Roche Posay Moisturizer : £8.60
    Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer : £6
    Revlon Colorstay Foundation : £ 12
    Elf Mineral Booster : £5
    Revlon Cream Blush : around £4

    Radiant Eyeshadow Primer : £6.50
    Eyeshadow : around £4-5 (depends on the e/s)
    Erre Due Silky Eye Pencil : £4.80
    2 different mascaras : around £7.50
    Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit : £3.50
    NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia : £2

    That's a total of around $65 , not bad :)


  4. I actually dread to think... Skincare alone is prob worth around £100 ish, but that is because I cleanse, tone, moisturise, use serum, eye cream, water spray etc... and thatts before I even think about makeup... Great post, really interesting and thought provoking!

  5. Interesting post and I dont even wanna think as to how much my face is worth coz if i calcualate i will faint!LOL(i spend money mostly on skincare than makeup)

  6. At first I was like 'pfft well I can understand the serums and moisturisers and such but not the makeup' but then I got to the comments and wondered what my total will be like when I do my makeup in an hour XD

  7. Mine's worth around a 1000 rupees or so, I'm not sure how much that is in pounds but it isn't bad at all :D

  8. *grabs calculator*

    My face today cost:

    Moisturisers etc: £65
    Cleanser/wash: £5
    Eye cream: £9
    Foundation: £10
    Concealer £21

    Lippy: £15
    Liners: £20
    Shadow: £30

    OMG!!!! shame on me!!


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