Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Cleasing Gel

I bought this back when The Body Shop had 30% off their products.  It was accompanied by their Carrot Cream, blackhead remover and the new face brush.  Not the sexiest items you could ever buy but then hey, it's not always glam!

I have had nothing but good experiences with cleansers from The Body Shop.  I used the cucumber one before and despite it smelling horrible, it really did wonders to my skin.  I wanted to try something different and this was the lucky bugger that caught my eye.

I haven't had a good history with cleansing gels, I had a Nivea one which was like gristle and nigh on impossible to spread around the skin and then wash off.  This thankfully, is the exact opposite.  It slides out at a speed which is neither too fast nor too slow and you don't need a lot to cover your face.  The smell is pleasant and not at all overpowering.  You only smell it faintly when you're applying it to your face,

I haven't used it over my eyes because I'm sure it said not to put it on your eyes..

I tend to use this in the morning before putting my work face on as it helps brighten my face up.  It leaves my skin looking very radiant and not at all tight like some cleansers can do.  I cleanse my face with this, miss out toning and go straight onto my moisturiser.

My skin was feeling quite dry and sorry for itself before this made its debut..since I've been using it, my skin has gone back to its usual moisturised self and I'm sure this plays a part in that.

I am so glad that The Body Shop brought this product back, it's brilliant for my skin.

The design on the label is something that caught my eye, it's the old school packaging..the photograph is of the old Body Shop shop front design.

This will set you back £3.99 from The Body Shop.


  1. I have a problem with shower gels. I HATE that residue that so many of them leave behind. I never feel clean when that happens. So I started using soap. A simple bar of soap.

    But now that you say this is good, I am very curious and fancy giving it a go.

  2. I bought a litre bottle of this when I was about 14. I loved it and it was even better back then because when I'd finally finished it you could get it refilled at the pumps behind the counter. Ah memories!

  3. Thanks for sharing hun!!It sounded gorgeous!Its going to be my next cleanser when I'm run out of my St.Ives!!

  4. I adore this stuff, it's the best cleanser I've ever tried! I don't think it actually does say not to use it on the eye area (though of course it says to rinse well if you do get it in your eyes). Or well if it does, I've been using it on my eyes anyway :P I've got very sensitive eyes but this doesn't hurt at all, and it removes makeup really well :)
    Great review!

  5. Old Cow: It's not a shower gel, it's a facial cleansing gel! You should try it, I've been using it with a plain face mask and it works briliantly..

    Bumble: A LITRE?! Wow, I'd love to be able to buy that much..and free refills just sweetens the deal. The only thing I went to TBS for back when I was a teen was their soaps and the lip balms.

    Blushingloves Irene Greece: Give it a whirl, you will love it!

    Lillian: Really? I might try it then, I am a right wuss when it comes to my eyes, the only things that don't irritate them are Purity's cleansing lotion and Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish.


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