Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Blogging actually requires some effort, sort it aaaht you lazy cow..

I was uploading some pics onto Tinypic and saw that the last pics I'd uploaded were the face charts two months ago..that prompted this post..

I haven't blogged PROPERLY for a while now and I think it's time I told you guys why.  Please find below a list of comprehensive reasons as to why I haven't been blogging as much..

  1. Work.  I'm in full time employment and sometimes I just don't have the time and energy to blog.  I know those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I Twitter practically everyday.  I'm sure that those of you on Twitter will also realise that Tweeting doesn't take half as much effort as blogging. However, it's difficult to take the photos, apply the product, snap a pic etc...when you have like 5 mins in the morning to get ready..then by the time you're home you have no energy left.  Weekends get swallowed up by relaxing and (if you're me) having about a million blogs in draft form.  I currently have about 5 which range from haircuts, finding beauty gems and good customer service I've had.
  2. Loss of the bojo.  By this I mean the blogger mojo and not the guy who works down the cobbled road from me.  I think everyone reaches this point at least once.  I read quite a few beauty blogs and lately I kinda just felt like taking a backseat and reading instead of posting but fikkar not! (that's Punjabi for worry not.  That deserves bonus points for repping my mother tongue, if nothing else!) The bojo is back and will be released very soon.
  3. Home life. Nothing negative to report here, we just have a lot going on. Have a function to get ready for which means I have to sew an Indian suit so I've been out shopping trying to find one and start sewing it..that takes the piss too.  The little shits who sell the material expect me to pay through the nose for it, I don't know if they fail to realise that the Punjabis are masters at haggling.  I've seen my mum buy a suit which was originally marked at £140 for £25 quid.  She's a genius.
  4. Men. First my brother took the memory card to my camera and he had it for a while, then the Mr took it.  I finally have it back but have also realised I can take 8 pics on the camera sans memory card, result!
Yes, in my world, comprehensive means three.

I posted a while back that I would post less reviews in October and I did do this, I posted less everything really..I haven't forgotten about this blog at all, I just wish I had more time for it.  Fret not my lovelies for I'm going to start making time for it...

I know I have totally neglected my Urban Decay faces but I'm getting back on with them.  I mentioned the Indian function that I have to attend, the outfit I'm wearing (decided to not sew another one after all) is a dark blue so I can practice my Urban Decay Binge eyes look a few times before rolling it out in public.  I already tried this with a white eye shadow and it worked, just used an angled brush then applied the colour with this brush.

The lovely Louise was lamenting about some Stila items she bought and how the colour payoff was bad.  I've been to a Stila sample sale and I too bought a palette (this one) and was a bit panicked that the colours wouldn't work.  You can see why, the colours are pretty light and I'm Indian.  Plus, the palette which Get Lippie used was full with colours which looked darker.  Anyway, I used my palette as a quick test run whilst watching The IT Crowd and it worked really nicely for me (sans UDPP).  I was VERY impressed with how pigmented the black liner in the palette was.  V creamy and the right amount of sparkle.

Right, if you've made it this far then you deserve a medal of some sort (I always think the chocolate ones are the best).  If you're to take anything from this post, let it be this:

  • Bojo was lost
  • Bojo has been found
  • Had no time for blogging
  • Now will make time
  • Urban Decay faces will be with you soon
  • Some Stila palettes bad, some good
Thank you and good night!

*Takes a bow and waits for the onslaught of mouldy veg*


  1. I want my big fat chocolate medal... cos I made it all the way down to the bottom!!!! :D

    Hurry up and get that bojo mojo thingy back, we miss your posts!!!


  2. hahaha.. I enjoyed this post!! The summary at the bottom did help though. :) Mojo or no mojo you are still entertaining and are still here.. so you haven't given up as yet!

  3. LOL, I can totally sympathise. My own poor excuse for a blog is sadly very much neglected (not to mention, is it just me, or is there no daylight anymore? Sun, are you still there? I need to take photos!) Your summary cracks me up, you should be a poet.

  4. Jo: Your medal is in the post, don't blame me if the greedy posties eat it before you get it ;) I've got posts in the pipeline and they're coming!

    Kim: Welcome to my blog, I won't give up on it, there will always be ramblings of mine to be read.

    Anita: It's hard blogging and working at the same time, I think I just need to be more efficient or use the blog scheduler. Yes, where HAS the sun gone?! I took pics by a window today and could barely see anything. I'm a poet and I don't know it (see what I did there? Please, hold your applause).


  5. Huzzah... hurry back and bring my medal while you're at it.

    P.S. Phoned DBM and Haygarth today... gonna kick some bottoms!

  6. woohoo i defo need a medal as i read all the way and actually wasnt bored! lol it was entertaining - we want more! we want more!! :D

  7. Glad that you are back with a bang! we want your mojo to never leave you as we really enjoy reading your posts! xoxo

  8. Hello, I am a new follower of ur blog! Dont know wat hapnd before so could not comment on that part! ur blog is informative, so here I am :)



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