Friday, 7 January 2011

Nail by mouth (aka my nail polish storage..)

First there was the Ikea box..

Then there was the Molton Brown box...

Now there's this..

This is a make it yourself box from The Body just pop the sides up and slide the stripey thing over the top..

It's quite sturdy and holds them all in there and they're easy to see which is always a bonus..

I've got a mixture of polishes in can see the indentifiable Models Own/Boots No7/Mavala/Nails Inc from a distance but I also have some gems by lesser known companies like LA Colors (a bargain for 99p in Beauty Base).

I'm semi regretting buying the Mavala ones as they're super glittery and I had a right 'mare getting Discomix off but I might see if putting a neutral shade under the glitter works..


  1. I like your new storage solution. I wound up getting an acrylic box from Muji because they are super strong and you can imagine how many polishes I have.

    You mention Mavala. Now that is a brand I would like to try.

  2. I'm trying to find a perfect storage solution for my polishes too as their all thrown in a messy drawer at the moment. But I need something much bigger, do the Body Shop boxes come in larger sizes?

  3. I tried to look online too & I couldnt find any but I will defo check instore next time. Thank you x

  4. I have a basket from Ikea to store my polishes but I think I'm going to have to get a bigger one. I couldnt be bothered to remove my glitter polish so I ended up picking it off :$ bad idea!

  5. Love your collection - I could really do with one of these myself ;)

  6. Old Cow: I always liked the boxes in Muji but something inside me doesn't want to pay that much for a box htat will just go in a drawer. Do you like glitte polishes? Mavala have a set of about 7 polishes on sale for £15 in Debenhams, both glitter and non..

    Henessy: I think this is the largest size they do but they do have baskets but this box is pretty big as it goes.

    Tass: I ended up doing the same, it was a right pain to remove it. I have a clear box that I store my makeup in, it was £1 and was by the utility room things, I might pick up another one as my makeup is really overflowing.

    Orla: You think that's bad, I used to have triple the amount..these are the ones that survived the cut!

    Sinead: Thanks, they're on sale in The Body Shop at the mo!


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