Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Vanilla Eyes Eyes Baby

*Takes a moment to appreciate her lyrical genius*

I'm always buying eye cream in an attempt to find one which does EVERYTHING..by which I mean prevents wrinkles, tackles current ones, leaves my eye area feeling smooth and hydrated and a little bit brighter.

I've been using this baby and have also reviewed it here.

Then I decided to buy the Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream hoping that it wouldn't contain glitter..it doesn't!

What follows is my experience (never let it be said that I'm one to be overly dramatic).

I've had a chequered past with eyecreams, ever since Glittergate.  I now know to swatch eye creams instore before buying them.

On my first use I noticed how easily it sank into the eye area and how it brightened the area right on up without having any horrible glittery bits.  I found that the Superdrug Natural High Brightening eye cream had a slight bit of purple in it which would be the brightening element.  The Boots Vitamin E does not have this purple tinge but it still brightens the eye area.  I'd go as far to say that it diminishes dark circles as I used it when I wasn't sleeping properly and within a week, the dark circles were gone.  I'm not sure it would work if you have super dark circles but it's great for when you're not getting enough sleep and don't have a heavy duty concealer to use.

The cream is not watery thin, nor is it really thick.  It's kind of in the middle and I find that it's perfect consistency for patting in, it sinks in quickly.

It has no smell which is good because your eyes and nose are surprisingly close together when it comes to smelling eye creams.

I love the way in which it moisturises the eye area and leaves it feeling soft for the whole day.

I also feel that my under eye area is looking smoother and more plumped up.

For some reason, my eye area got really dry in the summer and this cream came to my rescue but it wasn't an instant moisture giver, I had to use it for about a week or so before the moisture was back.

Considering the fact that it cost me about £2.50, I'd deffo suggest buying it if you suffer from the ailments I've mentioned.  Plus, it will be my go-to eye cream for the winter.


  1. Sounds wonderful. I have a couple of eye creams but i never remember to use them! I don't have dark circles but the area under my eye is sort of blue tinged so it might be good to start using one properly...if i remember :P

  2. I have been looking for an eye cream and this sounds perfect. I'm going to give it a shot! Thanks for this.

  3. sounds like a v good cream. eye creams are something i continue to experiment with, they are sooo hit and miss x

  4. you're bad for my wallet. i'm gonna try this.

  5. Now I feel like hunting for a glittery eye cream on purpose, so I can have terrifying-looking undereye circles ;]

    I'm so shit when it comes to eye cream, I know I should be going for one that tackles and prevents wrinkles, but I'm just content with one that moisturises :( I fail

  6. Lillian: I used to be the same but once you get into it, you're good!

    Danielle: No problem!

    BeautyGeek, Kishmat-Lola: It is really good, I find myself being hard on eyecreams and using them for ages before saying if they are good or not and this one really works for me.

    Deborah: You know you love it! It's really good and CHEAP so you don't waste anything..

    SilhouetteScreams: Haha, I managed to return mine as the shop have a new incentive on.

    I've been crap for ages but now I'm using them all the time, it's easy once you start!

    I think that moisturising really helps with the wrinkles though, the better I moisturise, the more plumped the area is.


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