Saturday, 3 July 2010

Review: Neutrogena Wave

The Neutrogena Wave.
When this first came out, I really wanted it. Then I saw it was £12 which I thought was a bit pricey. Then it was on sale for £6 and I considered buying it until I found that the replacement pads were just as costly. Thus, I left it.

I had no intention of buying it because I'd managed to make my skin behave. Anywho, my cousin popped around to my mum's house whilst I was there and she had picked me one up as she thought I'd like it.
I got a replacement pack with the Wave and I didn't realise that you need to put the cleanser pad on, I initially thought that you used the head as a massager..I'd have carried on doing that had I not opened the packet that came with the Wave..

It promises the following:
I find it does everything it says it will do apart from the tingly claims but I think they're superfluous because your skin doesn't really need to be tingly in order for it to actually be clean.  My skin felt a LOT softer after I used it for the first time and it really cleaned my skin.  I used it around my nose and it really was a lot cleaner after the first use.

I found that my skin was a bit tight after using it but it does say to use your face cream afterwards and once I'd put that on, it was fine.  I also found that you only need to go around your face once as if you do it about two/three times, your face will feel like it's vibrating afterwards but only lasts about 10 seconds.

The only downside I feel is the price, after each use, you need to throw away the pad and attach a new one.  You get two weeks' worth with the Wave package but you can buy replacements pretty easily.  I've been doing my research and I saw the Wave in Savers for £3.99 and the replacement pads were £1.99.

I will continue to buy replacement pads for this because I feel it really works on my skin. If you have combo/oily skin then this will work for you but if your skin is dry/sensitive then it may not be as effecitve.


  1. I have this (though haven't used it for ages as i keep forgetting to buy the replacement pads) and really like it. It just feels nice, except on my nose where it tickles horribly :P

  2. I know what you mean Lillian, it tickles my nose too and I find that after using it, my skull feels like it's vibrating.

    I can't use it everyday now though as it tends to dry me out and I don't have a decent night cream.


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