Thursday, 11 February 2010

You scream, I scream, we all scream for eye(s) cream

Finally, FINALLY I've found a conventional eye cream I'm happy with.  One that does exactly what it says.  I say conventional as my other HG eye cream is Garnier's Eye Roll On and I'm always concerned that they will stop making it as companies have a tendency to do that to products that sell well..need I mention chocolate covered pretzels and those gorgeous Secret bars

Before I fall into a daydream about chocolates, I'll show you the eye cream.
It has so much going for it.  It's cheap, the packaging is a nice shape and lets out the right amount of cream, the consistency of the cream is perfect, blending it into the undereye area is a dream, no tugging or anything.  I just squeeze it out the tube and pat it in gently.  You can feel it forming a "film" under your eye but that's not a problem as it soaks in very quickly, leaving your underye feeling very soft.

I've chucked the box away so I'll have to go by what the tube says.

This brightening eye cream contains the following:
  • organic rose hip oil which is a hydrating anti oxidant
  • arnica which helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness
  • a multi fruit blend which contains AHA's (not the Alan Partridge type, I assume) which reveal a brighter, natural radiance
I didn't realise that this brand was also made by Superdrug, a fact I found out when I got home.  I wasn't looking forwards to trying this because the last Superdrug eye cream I used contained massive chunks of glitter...and it wasn't a bad batch because Jo found the same.

This Natural High cream is the bees' knees.  It does EVERYTHING it said it would.  It hydrates my undereye area, it makes the are brighter WITHOUT GLITTER and it behaves how I want an eyecream to behave.  Before using it I had tiny bumps under my eyes and after the first day of using it, the bumps were smaller and now they have totally vanished!

I don't understand how Superdrug can make such a winner of an eye cream and then such an abomination of an eye cream, all they need to do is ditch the glitter from the Vitamin E one and they're onto a winner.  Jo perservered with hers and said it wasn't a bad cream if there was no glitter in it.

Natural High eye cream is currently on sale in Superdrug for £1, but I'm not sure that's the right price because in other Superdrugs, I've seen it on sale for £2?


  1. i love giving bargain beauty products a try, theres some great own-brand gems to be found! xxx

  2. Ooooo.... Ive heard someone else rave about this you know, it was a while ago though, think it might have been Sarah @ I heart Cosmetics. I forgot all about it till just reading your review then!

    Fantastic review babe, you've defintely sold it to me without a doubt! How cheap is it aswell, god we spend so much money on high end creams just to find out a cheapy chemist one actually works.

    Superdrug supposedly have free delivery up untill Valentines day I think. Ill be checking when Ive finished typing this and if so Im ordering! If not, I'd rather drive there haha.


  3. I loved chocolate covered pretzels!!!!

    I might try this, my Olay Eye Transforming cream is finished and I'd forgot it costs £16! I must've got it on offer...

  4. Chocolat covered pretzels were teh sex, I used to have at least 2 packets a week! My friend went on holiday to America and saw them in WalMart or somewhere similar.

    I'm really stringent when it comes to products working well, if they've even got ONE negative thing about them, I won't buy it and this cream had no bad points, it really did smooth out the little spots I had under my eyes.

    If you're going to buy it though, be careful because Naturally High have two eyecreams, one is this brightening one and the other is just a standard eye cream and both boxes look the same so have a read of them!

  5. Great review :) def going to pick some of this up tomorrow! x

  6. LOL lovely title :) I never knew this product existed! As of now, I use clinique's stuff! Any ideas on Body Shop eye cream?

  7. I must have it! I remember Secret bars, they were delicious :)

  8. ahh i LOVE this eye cream, i use it everyday day and night and it actually works! nice review! x

  9. Sarbeauty: It's really good, when I use it, it seems to puff out the lines under my eyes so I'm totally happy.

    Divija: Thanks for acknowledging the genius, hun ;) Clinique is ok but I like this better and it's a lot cheaper so you can be more generous with applying it (although you don't have to because a little bit does you) I bought the Body Shop men's eye serum in the sale (£2) but haven't had a chance to use it yet.

    Lillian: Indeed you must! But get it now whilst it's on cheap. When I was younger, I bought a Secret bar from the shop, then I hit my brother (who needs a reason?) and my mum let him have the bar because he was upset.

    M: I never thought to use it at night! I think I'll start that tonight! Thanks

  10. Great blog, such wonderful nuggets of information. I'm going to go out and get this first thing tomorrow to try out :)

  11. I LOVE your blog!! It has everything! I've been looking for desi cosmetic blogger/youtuber for a while and was so happy to find you :) I live in the US. Do you know if superdrug ships out to here?

  12. Anaam: Thanks :)They don't ship worldwide unfortunately, click this link below to see their delivery terms:


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