Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Body Shop Summer 2010

This summer, The Body Shop are making some changes and welcoming some noobs to the vast range of products they sell.

Alongside additions to their Vitamin C skincare line and the reinvention of their haircare line, they are  releasing the brand spanking new Baked to Last and Delipscious collections.

I was invited to a bloggers event this past Friday to check out the products.

Me and Karleigh decided to meet up at the station and get to the hotel together..we got there about 20 minutes too early and stood outside discussing Dolly Parton.  Yeah, I know you wish you were cool like us.

We ventured inside and were greeted by the lovely Headstream and Body Shop ladies.  We were whisked out onto the veranda where it was really nice and cool (I mean weatherwise but it still pretty cool checking out the London skyline, despite the million and one cranes dotted around the place).

We were supping our orange juices (can you sup cold things?) and discussing our favourite old school Body Shop bits.  I seem to be the only person who doesn't get on with the banana conditioner but we all seem to love the ice blue shampoo.

The haircare range.
The range is now more benefits led as opposed to ingredients led as it's easier to decipher the benefits of a shampoo which says "shine" on the bottle as opposed to "olive".  The products are now also free of silicones, parabens and colourants. 

The hair butters are what excited me the most as you know by now that I love deep conditioning my hair.  It smells heavenly, looks very thick but feels light..

The Vitamin C range.
Keep your peepers peeled for a microdermabrasion scrub, an eye roll on/brightener combo and a skin radiance powder mix.  The skin radiance powder is, according to me, a skincare renegade as I have never ever seen anything like it in the shops before.
The bottles at the bottom left of the screen are both the powder mix.  You push the white button down, this releases Vitamin C powder into the liquid.  Give it a good shake, take off the white part and fix on the orange pipette thingy.  You're meant to use it immediately for 10 days and it promises to perk your skin right up.

The Baked to Last collection.
We were then introduced to Chase Aston (who I wanted to take home with me) and he introduced the Baked to Last collection and showed how to use the products and take your look from day to night.

The collection consists of baked eyeshadows, blushers and a highlighters.

The Delipscious lip collection.
Apparently, an average woman eats about 281 lipsticks in her entire life..which is why I was glad to find out that the Delipcious lippies were made from 100% food extract.  They're very lightweight and the amount of pigment is just perfect for summer.

Then it was cupcake time! I was going to make my way over to them but got waylaid talking to Chase as I had a million and one makeup questions to ask him.  He applied one of the baked shadows on my eyelids and they looked fantastic..I would never have used pink/red/black on my skintone but the colours worked really well.  I totally forgot to take a photo of them though..

We took our seats and were told about The Body Shop's latest charity partnership.  The Body Shop have teamed up with Epcat..which I won't discuss here but there will be a post up about in the very near future but I will say that if you buy the Soft Hands Kind Heart handcream, £3.45 will go towards preventing child trafficking to the UK.


  1. So many pretties and noms! ;D

    The Vitamin C range looks really promising, though I swatched one of those new eyeshadows in store the other day and it was mostly glitter :( sad day for me

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Oh envy envy :P I love the sound of the hair butter and the vitamin c powder thing, though i think it might be better to have a seperate container of powder and serum so you could mix smaller batches yourself as you need it (or does the powder go off on it's own when it's exposed to air?)

  3. Rakshanda: Yeah, early indications show that they're good.

    SilhouetteScreams: From what I've used of the range (the scrub) it's really good, I like the look of the other two but haven't used the powder mix or eye roll on yet as I've got products I need to finish.

    I think the trick behind the shadows is to apply them wet, when I swatch them dry, I don't get too far.

    Lillian: I see what you mean but the product is to be used on 10 consecutive days so you shouldn't really use it as you need it. You see the results after a few days apparently but have to finish the course to get the best results.

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