Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Holy Grail makeup

There are people in this world who, upon finding something that works for them, stick with it. Then there are those who are always on a quest for the next best thing..

I fall into the latter category for most things, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't but that's the nature of the beauty beast.

I know my HG eye makeup remover is not liquid form (this is why I won't even entertain the idea of trying Botanics). My HG remover for eyes is Boots Essentials Makeup Remover Pads. They retail for about £1.50 for 40 pads and they are super greasy. A lot of people don't like the eye area getting greasy but for me they are a godsend because my eye are feels really clean and I get moisture which is something my eyes need.

I recently tried these as they were priced at 97p:

They look like this:

They are pretty dry in comparison to the Boots ones and they don't feel like they will do anything. Measuring them up with my Boots remover pads and the Skin Therapy liquid remover I had, they come in the middle. Yesterday I wore mascara and eyliner and I had to use 5 pads to remove it and even then there was trouble. I would have only used 2 Boots pads.

Take a look at this:
Those are my lashes sans mascara but look at the lower lashline, the smudgey bit is liner which this remover was too wimpy to remove.

My HG nail products are Nails Inc because I love the weeks of no chips you get. I was in ASDA yesterday and they had nail varnish on sale for a quid so I picked up a cement colour. I'm calling it cement despite the fact it is actually called Raincloud.

The bottle:

Swatch on the world's smallest nail:
Man that looks like a toenail, for shame!

I think I will buy these again, they aren't as shiny as Nails Inc but I still like the ease of application. The biggest plus is drying time, I put on a really thick coat and there were no drips and it was dry within a minute. It's been a while since I applied the colour and it has darkened but only slightly and I quite like both the swatched colour and the present colour.

Now onto the face, for the longest time I was championing Dr Barefoot's Clean Face Enhancer, then my skin took a nosedive and I got a Biore facewash. Dr Barefoot has since finished and I wasn't as sad as I thought I'd be because I found a new love. The Biore wash is the answer for any girl with oily skin, it warms up when it touches water and really cleans your skin. If you use then and stop (or carry on) you will never suffer from oily skin again. It's all I use and I will never change.

I was the same with brushes, bigging up Ruby and Millie to everyone but now my baby is my No7 Eye Contour and Brush:

I don't think I will stop at this brush though, I will be buying the MAC version or even the NARS version as their brushes are ever so soft.

This post has been in draft form for ageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees..since then, Charlotte has blogged many times about the ASDA polishes (she copied me, Miss!) and I've used the above mentioned brush many times too. I'm still in love with both the brush and the polish..and Charlotte ;)

Oooh, another note about Superdrug's Vitamin E range, I find it very hit and miss. I used the eye makeup remover pads above and then I decided to test out the accompanying eye cream. This cream was HORRIBLE, it was sticky and dry and it had glitter in it. GLITTER, in an eye cream?! The world's gone mad.. However, I also used the cleanser and eye makeup remover, this gave me very pleasant results, it took the eye makeup off and left my skin feeling baby soft. It still won't overtake my Boots pads though.. I suppose what I'm saying is, don't write off a whole brand just because some products don't work..

My question to you is thus..when you guys find a product that works for you, do you carry on buying that or do you go out and try new things hoping you can find better? Which products do you constantly change despite having found your HG?


  1. Next time don't leave them in draft for so long woman!!! If you would have posted this I wouldn't have bought them SHIT Superdrug eye make up remover pads haha.

    I was in stitches when I read what you said about your finger nail, then looked back at is and realised it does look like a toe one... lmao!!! still laughing now.

    Great post hunny!!!


  2. Honey, this post is informative. I would love to try the boots removal pads. Seems like we both sail in the same boat. I am always on the quest for the suitable, though I find my HG. Eg. I always hunt for the perfect lippies especially balms. I love vaseline rosy lips and carmex cherry, but wanna find if something cud replace those :) thnq for the post, darl :)

  3. OMG - that makeup brush looks like a TOTAL mac 217 dupe - I'm adding this to my list! Great post xxx

  4. Thanks lovelies :)

    Jo: I've got a Jessica polish on the same nail at the mo, if the colour is nice I will grow them until the new year. I know I shouldn't have kept this post in draft form for so long, I don't even know why I did. I had all the pics added to it and everything, it just never got posted.

    Divija: The Boots pads are really good, I'm currently trialling some L'oreal Demaq Expert wipes and hoping they work as they aren't cheap, look out for the blog post on them..

    Jen: Thanks :) I've never used MAC brushes before but this brush is really really good, it picks up just enough colour and blends a treat.


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