Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What do you get when you cross Basil Brush and MAC?

In short, this:

(You'd have to pay for this comedic genius in a club but here you get it for free!)

This is my first ever high end brush and I can't wait to start using it so I can improve on my blending.

I got it from Shifa's blog sale and the bristles on it are so flipping soft.  I condition my No7 brushes but the bristles (hairs?) on this brush far surpass them.

Remember my Blending 101 post? Well, in the video the 239 brush was the one I should have used to apply and blend the darker colour.  It looked similar to the No7 brush I ended up using but now I have my very own 239, I can see it is totally different.

To those of you who own MAC brushes, which are your favourites?  Which do you find are overrated?
To those of you who do not own any, which would you like to own?


  1. 239 is my favourite brush ever!!! I use it every single day and love my baby so mucvh. Is was actually my first high end brush aswell, only got it a few weeks ago and now obviously I want more!!!!


  2. i have the 190, and i love it. its totally changed the way i see my makeup, having oily skin i used to oile it on with my fingers and ild be a greasy mess by lunchtime but applying with a brush i apply a much smaller amount but somehow it covers more!
    i really want a 239 xxx

  3. i love this brush too, now all u need is a 226 or a 217 and ur all set, they are my most fave eye shadow brushes by mac!


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