Thursday, 18 February 2010

NOTD (woot woot): Jessica Nails Black Ice (and a mini-ish review)

I won this polish along with some other Jessica Nails items back in December.

There is already a post on what I won (check it out here).  This polish was the standout polish me for, not in terms of application but in terms of the stunning colour.  All the colours that I recieved are fantastic but this is my favourite.  It's very hard to photograph and I had to edit the pics to get the true colour out (and even then it's about 100 times better).
Black Ice is the name of this beauty.  It's a shiny, glossy black with palpable bits of smooth glitter in it.  I say smooth because you do get nail polishes which have gritty glitter in them.  This, however, is not one of them.  Once the polish is dry, you can run your fingertips over the polish and it's all smooth. 
You know how sometimes you get a nail polish with glitter in it and you have to apply it five times to get a decent glitter coverage on the nail? One coat with this gives you proper glitter coverage. Also, you know how sometimes, you apply a glittery polish only to find that the glitter has worn off? This isn't the case, the glitter stays put.  I've washed dished and handwashed some clothes and it hasn't come off.

Another thing I love about it is the fact that it's two polishes in one.  You know I wax lyrical about makeup that saves time, well this beauty saves money.  After one coat, it's a nice sheer colour and after two, its "unsheer".

Pardon the dodgy application, I'm a noob as most you know.  This is the polish after two coats
I keep thinking of more things to like about this polish, if you have no patience then Jessica Nails are the polishes for you, if you apply a second coat whilst the first is wet, you get no smears and it blends in seamlessly.

I still get urges to chew my nails but the prettyness of this polish prevents me from wanting to touch them.  It's been on a few days now and I'm having no chips and the colour hasn't faded either.

I'm not sure if the brush is a different shape to other brushes but it applied really nicely, no gloopy messes and the brush was a nice "bump" kind of shape.

I've left the best til the end.  The smell of the polish is like no other.  When I applied it, I couldn't smell the usual polish smell.  When it dries, it smells like Southern Comfort..something which is never a bad thing!

In short, I love this.

Black Ice retails for £8.95 and can be bought here.


  1. your nails look like they're coming along nicely!

  2. i dont own any jessica nail poilsh, but once a year when on hoilday i have a mani done and they use jessica nail poilsh and o i do love it! im also a big nail biter but there poilshs are so pretty for 1 week a year i cant bear to bite my nails! x

  3. I really like the colour, and the glitter. Never been much of a glitter fan either :) xx


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