Tuesday, 9 February 2010

EOTD: Blending 101

I've never sat down and thought about how to blend colours together on the lid, I usually just blend enough so that both colours kind of merge into one and you can't see any harsh lines.

I was on Youtube the other day and saw a link for a Pixiwoo blending video and decided to take up the challenge myself.  First I had to decide if I had monolids or lids with a socket bone.  I'm a bit dense when it comes to things like that so I Googled monolids and decided I had socket bone lids.

The video can be found here.

What I used:

How I got on with it:
I feel it necessary to say a few things about the No7 eyeshadow.  The colours in the photo above are as true to life as I could get them.  The white is really snow white and the black is really dark with lovely specks of glitter in it.  This is not how it applied, the pigment was severely lacking.  How Boots can charge the best part of a tenner for these lame shadows is beyond me.

Anyway, the proof is in the pudding..
Could have applied more if I'm honest but thought the shadow would be more pigmented.  Pretty happy with how I managed to lighten it out up to the brow, though.

I wasn't sure where my socket line was and where my brow was so I just felt around and decided it was the underside of the brow bone because I felt around and it circled into my eye "hole".

I thought this looked really crappy when I checked the photos on my camera because I could see a space between the black eyeshadow on the socket bone and along the lashline but then...

I still wasn't happy with the colour disparity so I decided to..
I was quite happy with the way it balanced out..

 Now for the next bit..

 This was the final step, I feel I could have added more black eyeshadow to the socket but I would have been there for ages as the pigmentation was wank.

Overall, I think I did OK considering this was my first try at proper blending, I feel the pigmentation of the shadows held me back a lot so I'm going to be retrying this later on in the week with either my Sleek palette or my Stila palette.  I think next time I will try to go a little higher with the blending on my socket and a little lower with the blending on the lash line but I'll have to find a less fluffier brush.  Also, I think I might actually invest in a crease brush.

What do you guys think? Are any of you experts at blending? If so, how did you improve at it?


  1. Blending is one of those things that I can sort of get right if I take it slow and steady but then again.. I have no idea what a monolid is :(

  2. Well done, that's great for your first try! I'm just trying to learn how to blend properly myself.

  3. Great first try hun :) Practice will defo make it prefect! Love the colors you used!

  4. oh btw, Invoiced you gurlie for the brush :)

  5. gr8 first try lovely, u no i own that no7 blending brush and in my opinion i think its a lil too flimsy for blendin like this (ie blending 2 colours of such contrat together), altho looks like the shadows really let you down

  6. That is excellent for your first try!! It looks great.

  7. Thanks ladies!

    Perfectionishuman: A monolid is the kind of lid that Chinese people have, where you can't discern the socket easily.

    Shifa: Thanks hun. I bought your MAC brush because that's the brush which is recommended for the crease and now I see how different it is from the brush I used.

    Inner Belle: Thank you :) I totally see your point, you want to blend but within a certain space but the blender is too "big" to let you blend in it. I'm going to retry this look again and post up what I come out with. The shadows were rubbish but that's the only white I have, got a Stila black which I'll use next time!

    Kelly: Thanks :) I think if you perservere with it, it comes out looking good (ish), without the video, I'd just give up after step 1 and be done but following it through makes it look so much better.


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