Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I'm so good at conditioning they call me Pavlov..

I bought this product with a money off voucher from Boots.  I used it once and it totally didn't live up to the claims it made on the bottle.

I decided to use this product on my brushes (which are not all from the same range) and it worked great. It made my eyeshadow brushes super soft and  "fixed" a brush I ruined. I love my Kabuki brush as a way to apply blusher as I find that they're godsends for bigger cheeks, they allow you to build up the more daring colours AND blending is far easier.  Mine got really mucky and I decided to clean it.  I got a bit over zealous with it and the middle bit dipped.  It's my fault really because I kept fiddling with it. I decided to use this product on it and leave it alone for a good 20 minutes. I came back later, washed the product out and it was back to its usual self and was a hell of a lot softer.

However, there is one brush which is immune to the charms of this product, I used it on my Ruby and Millie foundation brush and for some reason it didn't work, I think it's because the hairs are different. This brush is fine just being cleaned with olive oil.

So, what is this product? Drumroll please!


Buy it and use it on your brushes, you won't be sorry!

Just a little note, brush cleansing is different to brush cleaning, I use olive oil to clean my brushes and then this product to cleanse my brushes.

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