Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Urban Decay face charts

Last year I decided that I'd be doing some Urban Decay face charts on here.

Time passed and they never came to fruition as I was blogging about a million other things.

I even had another post on here reminding myself that I'd get around to them.

I've decided NOW that enough is enough and that one Urban Decay face chart will be up by the end of this week.

I'm going to try and replicate the looks by using High Street brands so they're going to be wallet friendly.

My debut face chart shall be this one:


  1. Wow, tht is a striking look.. Is it my imagination or does the face in the drawing look a lot like Ash Rai?

  2. wud love to know the liner trick :)

  3. good choice! this looks lovely - good alt for the blue pencil, No.7 metallic pencil =D

  4. That eyeliner is gorgeous, makes me wanna run out an buy an eyeliner like it now!

  5. Oh the look is beautiful! Unfortunately I don't own what's necessary to recreate it :P

  6. Tanveer: Now you mention it, it does look a LOT like her in one of her L'oreal shoots.

    Divija: I'm going to practice it over the week and see if I can get it that precise.

    Risyaa: The colour is gorgeous, isn't it? I hope the pencil I'm going to use is going to come out as good.

    Karleigh: I thought I'd ease myself in, you know what a gentle little flower I am (har har). You read my mind because that's the exact pencil I was thinking of using.

    Girl with the Golden Touch: Isn't it just? I think UD sold it in one of their VIP pencil sets. I'll give a full product breakdown when I post the look up so if my cheaper version works, you can go out and get that.

    Andreia: That was one of my main problems, everything was Urban Decay (well, it would be!) so when I re-create the look I am trying to use products which are available readily on the internet and on the High Street and aren't necessarily from one brand!

    Thanks for your comments xx

  7. I'm trying to break out of my black/brown eye makeup rut and try something a bit brighter.. inspiration :)

  8. Perfectionishuman: It's very easy to get stuck in a rut, I find that if I practice in the evenings, I see what the look will look like so I'm encouraged to wear it to work because I know how it looks.

    Inner Belle: It might a bit fat FAIL but I'm going to practice it tonight and see what becomes of it!

  9. That's a gorgeous look. Now I want the flawless skin! Currently that's my new obsession! Gah!


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