Monday, 14 November 2011

EOTD: I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse

This look was the result me having too long to get ready.  I was dressed before I knew it and then I faffed around with eye makeup, using three shadows to create this very standard look.  But you know what happens to me, I practice in my own time but when it comes to wearing it out, I fall back onto looks I know I can pull off, just in case something goes wrong.

The liner here is not an angled wing as I feel that looks harsh on me sometimes..and I have finally managed it to look even on both eyes..

I like the way this manages to make my eyes look brighter..not not too stark, and how the eyeliner vamps it up a bit.
You'll probably have to really stare to see the three colours I've used but they are there, one for the inner corner, one for the lid and one over the crease coming inwards.

These are the products I used..
As per usual, I used my "go to" brushes which are from Models Own and ELF.

I used my second base as I call it (the No7 shadow) all over the lid, the Wet n Wild shadow was from Tesco for about £2 and it formed the lid cover and the Urban Decay shadow is Sin which I find is similar to the glitterbomb that is Midnight Cowboy but applies easier.

I concentrated the glitter on the middle and inner part of the eye because I wanted a bit of the crease to be defined.

The final shadow touch was adding my second base to darker the crease, i.e. take away some of the glitter.

Collection 2000 pencil in the waterline and the Active liquid liner on the upper lid.  I am going to find that Active liner again as it was one of the best ones I've ever used.  It's trumped any that I've used since it finished.  The mascara is Maybelline's Falsies which I didn't like at first as it clumped like hell.  I finished the tube the other day and it only started applying without clumps when it was near the end.  Not a repurchase!

The title of this post is in homage to these Godfather socks that Simon got..

I honestly thought that "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse" meant that you'd be an idiot to turn the offer down as it was too good.  The analogy I always use is ten pairs of shoes for £100 which would be a bloody bargain.  I didn't realise it meant "accept the offer or I will kill you".  They say the Mafia are all about subtlety but that isn't's confusing if anything.   And plus, you could just whisper that you're going to kill them if they don't agree, that's subtle.  Simon loves telling people that I misunderstood this, as if he's never gotten anything wrong in his life.

Also, I've only noticed this now but if you look at my eye from the left hand side lower lashline counter clockwise around to the left hand side of the upper lashline, my eye looks positively fishy in shape.  Is that a desired eye shape?  Fishy?  I wonder if that'd ever take off..they've got feline, why not diversify into fish?


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