Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mel B on a beauty blog?

Yes, this is a post about Mel B, but not as you know her..

When I first got this eyeshadow, I couldn't see why the SA had chosen it for me.  It practically blended right into my lid and I could see no difference.
I chucked it into the back of my makeup drawer and there it rested for a long long time..

It only came out a few months ago as I was doing a massive makeup sort-out..I used it a few times and then realised it was my MEL B shade, the "my eye lid (but) better" shade.

My lids are not the same colour as the skin around my eyes, they have always been darker and this has always been a source of frustration for me.  I always wanted to do a neat eyeliner flick on a flawless eye but it never worked as I didn't realise that most of the models sporting this look were wearing an eyeshadow.
It photographed with a hint of shimmer because my I'd used my Natural High eye cream beforehand.
This photograph does the colour no justice as in real life, it blends in seamlessly.  I've used it practically non-stop since coming to that realisation and there is now a massive dip and I'm sure I will be hitting pan very soon.  It's surprisingly pigmented for a No7 shadow, very nice and smooth and applies like butter.

It is pretty similar in colour and consistency to Illegal by Urban Decay, the only difference being that Illegal is a bit pinker but I still make it work.

I know that Boots have stopped making this shade as I can't find it and this pains me but Urban Decay thankfully show no signs of d/c'ing it.


  1. mel b that made me giggle!
    looks gorgeous, MAC brule has the same effect (although matte) for me xx

  2. you should try macs paintpot in groundworks its near to skin fleshy toned x

  3. You make me chuckle - I'm having that phrase MEL B! xx

  4. lovely shade that is! I like such earthy neutral colors!

  5. You're so evil, I thought I was going to get some Scary Spice lulz in this post ;]


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