Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Models Own brushes

Back when Models Own had their 50% off sale, I bought some glittery polish and some eye makeup brushes.

It's well known that I am not an expert blender and I am trying to improve using as many brushes as I can.  I was going to buy just the angled liner brush but when I saw that you could get three brushes for £7, I decided to take the plunge as it wouldn't be a fortune lost if I didn't like them.

I have now used them a few times and here's what I think..I LIKE THEM.  The hairs are nice and soft and the handle size varies from brush to brush, you know how I am fussy about things like that.  I don't want a blending brush having a handle the size of a foundation brush and vice versa.  They look different next to my other brushes as they are white and the rest are black.  This causes a slight problem because they can get mucky quickly when eyeshadow is smudged on them but it's nothing a good wipedown won't fix.  I have washed these babies and they dry in super fast time so I'd say they're really good if you do a quick wash with your brushes everyday.

Angled brush
I find that a lot of these angled brushes only work with one type of liner, be it gel or powder.  I've used this brush with both and it works equally well with either.  I tend to use it more with gel liner bcause I prefer gel liner over cake liner.  The size of the handle with these brushes is important, I have used a brush before which had a massive handle (lengthwise) and it was nigh on impossible to tell if you had a good line because I was so far from the mirror.  That wouldn't be a problem for you if you weren't short sighted but as I am, it was a right pain in the neck.  With this brush however, you can get right up close and personal and see exactly where the product is going.

Eye Shading brush
I use this to apply colour to my lid and it does a very good job of both picking up enough colour and smoothing it over the lid.  It makes blending really easy and I feel that I don't have to put a lot of effort into it when I use this brush.  I have never used a blending brush which had a head of this shape, they are usually narrower and taller and they always give me unwanted results.  This follows the contour of my eye in the way that I want it to.

Once I apply colour to the crease using the blending brush, I use this brush to blend the crease colour with the lid colour.

Blending brush
I was going to use this to apply the colour under my lower lashline but it was a bit too big for that so I used it to define the crease and apply the colour along it.  It does this very well and lends itself very well to laying colour.  I have also used it to blend out gel liner on the upper lashline when I'm doing an easy smokey eyed look and it is the perfect size for that.

I have always struggled to apply colour to my crease and blend it out but this last brush is perfect for noobs, just apply the colour where you want it and use the eye shading brush on its side to blend it in.

I've added a photo of a rough sketch EOTD I did with these brushes as it helps illustrate my points better..
These brushes are brilliant if you are new to blending, I wish I had bought them before because they are fool-proof.  I have improved a bit since I started but I bet if I had these before, I'd have gotten further than I am now.

You can buy these brushes from here for the princely price of £7 for the lot.


  1. ooooooooooh now you have got me looking into these brushes.

  2. I need more models own brushes. I only have one and I love it. Argh, could kick myself missing the 50% off. grr!!!


  3. I bought these to during there sale and i love them. my blending has became really good since i started using them


  4. Hmmm, I like the look of the eye shading brush & the blending one too! They don't look cheap either. I've just bought the set. Blooming heck, can't believe they're only £7?!

  5. I love me some brushes and these seem pretty :)

  6. I'm still working on my blending skills - pity these are available in india :(

  7. Old Cow: You won't regret buying them!

    Liloo: These are still only £7 for all three (outside the sale) so still a bargain to be picked up!

    Lil Miss Giggles: They have become my go to brushes, I have all of my brushes in a cup and these are the ones I reach for morning after morning.

    Halima: When you get these, you will see that they look anything but cheap. They're nice and sturdy too, the bristles are probably softer than MAC brushes..

    Shifa: They are really good, especially for the price. The shape of the larger eye brush is what I think is the key.
    Ki: I tried blending with my fingers at first and once I found out where I wanted the colour, I moved onto brushes.

  8. Esteem: Same here! Aren't they just brilliant?!

  9. wao these brushes looks promising


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