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My journey in liquid eyeliner: 2009-2011

About two years ago, I decided that I'd start to learn how to use liquid liner properly.  It wasn't going well until I started blogging about it and other bloggers (namely Amina!) told me that it would come to me with a bit of practice. 

I look back at this photo and laugh now, wondering what I was so proud of.  The liner is about five metres away from my lash line and the flick is practically by my ear..

Then I graduated onto this.. I managed to get it near the lashline enough so that it looks decent out in public yet the winged liner was still a distant dream.  I was quite chuffed with this and I wore this look a fair few times.  I used the Collection 2000 liquid liner for this.  It applies like a dream but I wouldn't buy again as it goes off quickly.  If you can't breathe without putting your liquid liner on, then this is a good budget buy as it dries quickly and literally glides along your eyelid and doesn't get caught in your lashes.  The eyeshadow is a layered affair, taken from Bobbi Brown's Basic Eye palette..

This formed part of a post I had about taking my makeup from day to can see that I've learnt how to blend two shades on my eyelid and the importance of having come colour in the lower lashline.  I find that wearing my liner like this only works well when I've got glasses on as otherwise, it drags my eye down.  This type of fluid line was a rare achievement by the way, it's seldom graced my blog since.

I did say the liner in the photo above was a rare occurence back then..and that's evidenced by this photo right here.  However, check me out managing to blend three colours on my lid when before I couldn't even manage one.  The liner is the Collection 2000 one again, notice what I mean about it going manky after a while?

Then we have the last one to feature on here.  Yes, the winged liner isn't its best but I was in a rush and compare it to photo 1.

I remember when I first started learning how to apply liquid liner properly and every was telling me how it would take time but you would get it in the end.  I always thought either you could line your eyes or you couldn't.

Then I found gel/cream liner and thought my prayers were answered.  Although that does give you more control in getting it closer to the lashline, getting decent flicks with gel is harder than with liquid as you really need to find a good brush..something which is easier said than done.  The best brush I've found for gel liner so far is Benefit's Get Bent brush.

This post clearly shows that with enough practice (I practiced very rarely) you can start to line your eyes properly and then in time, move onto a winged liner...


  1. Haha, this is proof that practise makes perfect!

  2. The liner in the second photo is perfect! I have succumbed to the fact that I can't do liquid liner, but god knows how I lived without gel liner for so long. I need to try out a bent eyeliner brush xx

  3. Hehe! You have come a long way. I've been practising since I was 15, and sometimes, I do mess it up on my off days.

    I prefer liquid liner to gel as you're never going to get that crisp, clean line with gel IMO xo

  4. I do that downward turn a lot though usually not on purpose! I haven't ever used liquid liners though, just pencil and gel!

  5. second pic shows excellent lining! we all have our good days and off days. Lining my eyes was one of the first things i learnt doing, and started off with pencil, then couldnt live without liquid till i discovered the gel and i cnt live without!!

    Its the one thing i get commented on all the time, and i awlays stress you learn to master through time.

    so proud of u! xxx

  6. I think you've mastered it! I've been doing liquid liner since I was 17! Thats a long time! Prefer gel liner but takes longer! x

  7. Agree with Beautybadhabits

  8. Beauty's Bad Habit: Isn't it just? I never thought it'd come but now I'm quite comfortable wearing just liquid liner and mascara as I don't look like a fool!

  9. Tass: That's how brilliant the Collection 2000 liner is when it's new and working well, as you can see in the other pic, it gets manky once you've opened it and used it past its use by date which is crappy as my other liner has been my practice liner for two years and still works very well.

  10. DesignerSpray: You know what, I agree with you. I can't get a crisp line with gel despite how hard I try. I finally see why people love liquid. Gel is fine if you just want to line the eye to make your lashline look thicker but I struggle getting it to wing out equally on both sides.

  11. Ki: I've never tried a pencil on my upper lid but I may start. I think the downward turn looks better on certain eye shapes, it certainly works better on me when I've got glasses on as the upward flick cuts my eye in half.

  12. Amina: Ha, thanks! That means a lot coming from my eyeliner muse :) I never ever used pencil but should really give it a try. Now I've figured out liquid, I'm going to stick with it for a while. Well, I lie. I use different liners for different occassions. Liquid for flicks, gel for standard lining.

  13. awww look at how far you've come! :p Application is a total bitch hah, i wish we could go back and tell our younger selves that it we WILL master the perfect line/flick combo! xx

  14. did you try gel lasting drama eyeliner from maybelline
    it's great one , black and matte , and very easy to line eyes
    i cant use liquid eyeliner too , but gel eyeliner oh my god the line is perfect

  15. That glasses photo is beautiful!

    I think I'm adequate with gel liner (particularly Kryolan Aquacolour), but I'm still terribly hit and miss with liquid >__<


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