Friday, 4 February 2011

Adventures with a bent eyeliner brush..

The brushes that came with all my gel liners have not been very good at lining my eyes, mainly because I feel that they don't give me enough control and the liner doesn't sit close enough to the root of the lashes for my liking.

Thus, I went on the hunt for a bent eyeliner brush as I'd heard they were really good.  The two of choice were the Benefit Get Bent brush and the Sonia Kashuk one.  SK isn't readily available here so I have the Benefit one.
When you take that plastic "protector" off, the brush is quite stiff and me being me had to bend the bristles to loosen it up a bit..then the panic hit me..what if I've ruined the brush?! Well, I hadn't so don't panic if you're compelled to do the same.

In my mind, this brush looked a lot bigger that it actually is and realising that I forgot to take a "scale" photo and add it to the collage above, here it is..
As you can see, it's quite tiny in comparison to other brushes but I personally don't want something super bulky, this size works very well.

How to use it.
The best way to use it is by having a large mirror in front of you (i.e. one mounted to the wall..unless you have a willing subject who will hold it for you) semi closing one eye and keeping the other one open and then swiping the brush across the base of the lash line.

I don't panic if it flicks my lashes up as that way I know I am getting as close to the root of my lashes as possible as you don't want any telltale space.

Thanks to this brush I have managed to learn how to do this..
Pardon the stareout stance, it's the only way to show the liner.
This was the one thing I wanted to learn for so long and I just couldn't get it right but this brush makes it a doddle.  It instantly makes it look as if I've made my eyes up when all I've done is one small thing.  It doesn't look like much and it's not..once you figure out how to do it.  Using this brush all you need to do is use it on the tip by the inner corner (you want a thin line as that's more natural) and then as you get onto the middle, lean the brush onto its side.  The best thing is, you don't need to tug on the area around your eye to get a nice steady line.

If you prefer a thin line, this brush does those extremely well, I choose a fatter line as they work best for me.

You can pick the brush up for £12.50 from either the Benefit website (or a store) or from House of Fraser.  I'd really reccomend it if you can't use liquid liner properly (God knows that badge is emblazoned on my chest) and are looking for a decent brush with which to apply your gel/cream liner.


  1. i still struggle even with a bent brush :-(
    my lashes just seem to get in the way.
    and a flick?? one side looks great but i can never match the left eye up :-(

    Yours looks fab though

    em x

  2. Em x: I've got a post coming up about how to get easy flicks done (ones that match) and I was a noob at doing them so if I can manage it, anyone can!

  3. I have one of these and love it! But mine was a noname brand for about £2 :P

  4. Thanks for the review, I'm forever trying to improve my eyeliner techniques! Oh, to be able to do it in one swift line!lol!

  5. I got the Sonia Kashuk one last year on a New York trip, it's amazing! So much better than the other brushes I was attempting gel eyeliner with!
    I am actually useless at liquid unless it's in one of those pens :(

  6. great review, the bent liner brush is fab for lining eyes easy though my personal faves are the small slanted edge liners, though very hard to come by, they give a flawless edge

  7. I'd like to try a bent eyeliner brush but I don't know if it would work better than my 209SE. I prefer small dinky brushes - I can't use ones with long handles!

  8. Lillian: Where did you get it?! I looked everywhere for one and couldn't find them anywhere!

  9. Sunshine Rose: I have a tutorial coming up on that as I am really crap at applying it but I've got some tips that make it easier.

    JadeyLou: I was the same but I made myself practice and so am getting better at it. I find that a lot of the brushes that come with gel liner are totally useless, more should make ones like this.

    Amina: Thanks, I think I know the ones you mean, Models Own do one, don't they? If I'm wrong, let me know which one you mean because I'm interested!

    Tass: I was meant to add a photo of how big this brush actually is, I thought it would be huge but it's quite tiny. It measures from the base of the palm to the first line on the middle finger, I'll add the pic so you can see.

  10. great review doll! LOVIN' the brush, i can't wait to get one! xoxoxo :)

  11. Primp and Giggle: Thanks :) It's brilliant and SO easy to use!

  12. I've tried using a bent eyeliner brush before and failed epically, but now I'm thinking the bristles weren't dense enough. This brush looks much sturdier!

  13. Silhouette Screams: Which one did you use? I couldn't find any over here apart from the Benefit one. I'm still going to pick up the SK one when I go off the US.

  14. I am yet to try a bent eyeliner brush, i'm not sure i'll know how to use it lol.

  15. Why do I not have a bent eyeliner brush, I've been meaning to get one for the last year or so, they always look so handy.

    I can't believe how tiny it is but it must make it more manageable as you said. Hmm I'd love to know where Lillian got her one for £2 also

  16. i think this is one of those things that seems pointless to begin with but becomes a makeup bag staple once you try it .. esp if you bend your hand in unnnatural positions to get perfect liner.


  17. Ive been wanting to get on the gel liner bandwagon for AGES! this brush looks like the perfect tool for me, you need a nice stiff brush to get the job done really


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