Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Swatch Files: Bobbi Brown Basic Eye Palette

I love this palette and have used it a fair bit despite it looking like it's just been swatched.  The shimmery shade has been used by me in a FOTD before (click here to see) and the photograph doesn't show up the shimmer but the swatch does. 

Flash off:
L-R: Navajo, Cement, Heather Mauve, Mahogany

Flash on:
L-R: Navajo, Cement, Heather Mauve, Mahogany

Swatch with flash off (no base):
L-R: Navajo, Cement, Heather Mauve, Mahogany

Swatch with flash on (no base):
L-R: Navajo, Cement, Heather Mauve, Mahogany

I personally use Navajo as a highlighter, Cement as a base or all over the lid shade, Heather Mauve as an all over lid shade and Mahogany either in the crease or as a liner when used with a wet brush.  It will not budge if used in this way, much like the Bobbi Brown gel liners don't.


  1. great swatches! this looks like a great neutral palette :D

  2. Luv d palette, sweetie

    thnx a bunch

  3. Ive been lusting over this palette all my life, and I still am ha.


  4. oh god i think i need to part with some cash- i love this palette.

    take care
    Seema :)

  5. Emma: Not a problem, the swatches on the site aren't too good so thought I'd do my bit :)

    Em: It really is, I use it on my skin and I've used it on my friends who are white, black and Chinese and it works just as well on all skin tones.

    Divija: Not a problem :)

    Jo: I'd get it if I was you, I've had it since last April and I use it every single day and that's how used it looks, plus the dark brown is perfect as a smudgy liner but I don't think it's on the BB site anymore because I couldn't find it.

    Seema: Welcome to my blog :) You really should, it's my favourite palette.

  6. Those are great swatches! BB Heather Mauve looks so pretty on you!


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