Thursday, 14 April 2011

The story of Slick Rick and her oil blotting sheets

Remember last week when for a fleeting few days we had sun and warmth? I do.  Mainly because I got to bust out my oil blotting sheets.  These are a godsend if you grease up worse than Victoria Beckham back in the day.

I found them totally by chance in the clearance section in Boots when I blinded myself..
They are brilliant.

They have no "coloured" powder in them and are impregnated with Tea Tree Oil (their words, not mine!) and they really take the oil away.  They remove the oil without telling the world that I've been blotting  They leave my makeup in check and are cheap to boot!  I have tried a fair few blotting sheets in the past and they either didn't pick up all the oil or left behind traces of powder.  The traces of powder is fine if you're not Indian/black but it's a right pain if you are because it looks live you've dipped your face in talcum powder.

I like the fact that they contain Tea Tree as they not only take the grease away but they also lend an antiseptic hand in helping you get rid of spots.

I tend to use them after going to the gym..of course I shower but I don't have enough time to be messing with all my face creams so I just wash my face and use these to pick up the excess oil on the way back to the office (before I get a chance to leg it to the loos to moisturise my face).  I have also reviewed the moisturiser from this range and I loved that too.

They cost me £1.50 but full price they will set you back £3.56 (but they're currently on 2 for £4). 


  1. Sound great, I think I need to look at oil blotting sheets more as I have always stuck to powder like MAC blot or a translucent one.

  2. I am a fiend for blotting paper thingies. I then started to use the "film" versions of these are they are soooooo much better. They leave NOTHING behind! Not a bit of powder! AAAAAND they do not mess with makeup either.

  3. Need to try them

    Am always on the lookout for blotting sheets (my face is extremely oily and no foundation or primer or powder works)


  4. Ooh, thanks for the review of these! I might have to invest in some of these, because the blotting sheets I have at the moment leave powder on my face after use. xx

  5. I really like blotting sheets as they take away the shine, but don't leave you cakey like powder does. I had a pack of The body shop ones in my bag for a while but have somehow misplaced it in my room, need to find it before it starts getting hot again! Tissue will help absorb some of the oil as well, but obviously not as good as blotting sheets x

  6. How does one get impregnated with tea tree oil?

  7. Meeta: They're really good for just mopping the oil up and they don't break up on contact with skin which is good. Plus, they're cheap so you've got money left to spend on more necessary things like lipstick!

  8. Old Cow: These also leave nothing behind but I would like to try the film versions. I saw some tea tree ones in The Body Shop but never got around to buying them. I really want to try some of the Japanese ones as I've heard they're brilliant.

  9. Miss A: It could be that you need to use an oil regulating facewash as I find that that worked best for me, let the facewash regulate the oil so that you need to use less product. However, you could also use a moisturiser to prevent the oilies coming through. The moisturiser I linked to is brilliant for keeping skin matte.

  10. Joy: That is why I like them, they're really goood, they don't break up, they leave no powder behind and don't rip.

  11. Peonies and lilies: Tissue is good but with me, I only oil up when I've left the house and have "braved" the Tube. Try these, they're really good and cheaper than the ones from TBS.

  12. Skin Scrubs: It's all about the angles I assume ;)

  13. You reminded me that I have these and really like them! For some reason they had ended up at the bottom of one of my bags.

    Thanks for the heads up on the offer - managed to get two before it finished.



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