Friday, 25 March 2011

When is a serum not a serum?

When it's touted as being both an anti ageing serum and mask.  I'm talking about Purity Organic Skincare's Anti Aging Serum and Mask.  On the subject of anti ageing, how do you spell that word? At school we were taught that if adding an 'ing', take off the 'e'.  Anti ageing seems to be the one lamb that escaped that slaughter.  So what's proper? Ageing or Aging?
I have issues with that fact that this product is descibed as being a two in one.  Serums and masks are two totally different things, they're not the first choice of partner I'd think of if I was marrying up facial skincare.  I'd do a moisturiser and eye cream in one.  Serums are meant to be used with a light hand whereas you can really pile a mask on so there's my second problem.  How much of this are you meant to apply it?

The consistency also irks me.  It feels like a watered down face cream.  All the serums and moisturising masks that I've stuck my fingers into have a bit more substance.  This seems wimpy in comparison.

Each time I've used it, I've varied how much I put on.  It doesn't sink in at all.  It forms into a peel off mask and I have to use water to remove the mask and it doesn't add anything to my skin at all.  Adding the water just seems to wash the mask off so I'm not sure how it's meant to make you look younger in 10 minutes?  The instructions suggest leaving it on overnight but with how it makes my face tight, I'm itching it take it off after 15 minutes.  It also fails as as serum, deciding to just linger on the skin and not sinking in as a serum should.

The disrespect it shows for my skin is unparalleled.  Nothing I have ever used has been as bad for my skin as this.  It gives me annoying spots..not the kind that fade within a few days, they're horrible hard things that last ages.  It also gave me a horrible dry patch on my face which was nigh on impossible to get rid of.

It's a shame this was so bad as my previous experiences with the range have been very good, I loved the moisturiser, face wash, exfoliator and cleanser..

I'm on the lookout for a decent moisturising and anti-ageing/aging mask on a budget so if you know of any, let it all out in the comments, thanks!


  1. I hated this too! Gave it straight to my Mum and she chucked it =0/


  2. My sister rates this:

  3. Anon: I've heard a lot of good things about that too, I am yet to find it instore!


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