Thursday, 24 March 2011

My current night cream: The Body Shop Carrot Moisture Cream

My previous night cream (mentioned here) finished long ago and after buying two full sized products I decided to buy something else. 

During one of my many conversations with my grandmother, I mentioned that I needed a new cream and she told me that the only cream she has ever used on her skin is a gajar cream.  Gajar being the Punjabi word for carrot.  This was all I needed to hear..her skin is fantastic so I take up all her skincare tips.  She told me this one week and the next week The Body Shop had their 30% off dealy going on so I decided to test out their Carrot Cream.

I've never ever found a nightcream which works properly for me.  Thus, I've started finding day creams sans SPF to use at night.  The Clarins one was like that and this is exactly the same.  It's a day cream for people with dry skin.

This cream smells reminds me of gajar halwa.  It's a light orange/apricot colour and it applies and sinks in very well.  You know sometimes you get a cream for dry skin and it feels very oily and cloying on the hands? This doesn' feels thick..but not overly so and you don't get any sticky residue left on your hands once you've applied it.  

Being combination skinned, I find it hard to find a night cream that hydrates the cheeks but keeps the T Zone from greasing up.  This cream managed to do not only this but to also make my skin feel softer and more plumped out.  I can even go a bit mad with it and apply lots to my T Zone without it greasing up and giving me whiteheads overnight.

It comes in at £4.00 and you can buy it from The Body Shop website and in store.


  1. I love this cream! And its such a bargain too. I'm currently finishing off the last of my Hope in a Jar but I'll be going back to this purse friendly cream after that.

  2. Will definately need to check this out (or atleast get a sample). And it smells of carrots! =)

  3. Pointless comment coming up...

    mmmmmmm gajar halwa with ice cream!!


  4. I am fairly new to makeup & whatnot, but I am trying to become a woman, lol. What is the point of a night cream?

  5. Miss V: Apparently your skin does things (I know, I'm hot on the technical terms) at night, something like it recovers itself and the moisturiser helps it on its way. I've only been using it recently because my skin has turned really dry so it's been giving me a boost of moisture.

  6. Bumble: I hit "jar" on it last night so need to go and buy myself a replacement, it hydrates combination skin brilliantly!

    Asmaa17: It is gorgeous! My mum also pointed out that it smells a bit of roses too which I didn't pick up at first but she's does.

    Tass: Any comment about food is never know me!


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