Saturday, 26 March 2011

Yardley introduce Royal English Daisy (and a quick peak around their store)

Yardley.  A brand that brings back memories of sneaking a peek at my grandmother putting on her signature Lavender scent.  So fine tuned are my olfactory senses (I was just waiting to get that word out) to the smell that I can sniff it out quicker than a shark sniffs out blood.
Keen to appeal to a wider market, the brand has recently undergone a makeover.  Where once the Yardley flower girls took pride of place, there now stands a white background and a sleek, elegant typeface with both the Royal warrants thrown in for good measure.
In this vein of transformation and to commemorate the engagement of William and Kate (Katherine) Middleton, Yardley have released Royal English Daisy.

An elegent, green floral, dewy fresh scent,  Royal English Daisy boasts top notes (which to my shame, I only found out recently meant "the first thing you smell") of fresh green leaves and apples.  The heart/middle notes (the ones that you get once the top note vanishes) consist of hyacinth and white rose and the base notes are a mixture sandlewood and musk.  I didn't think the fragrance would smell as light as it does as musk is usually a heavy smell but I smell fresh as a dasiy all day with this.  See what I did there? Please, hold your applause. 

All Yardley scents are based on one or two key linear notes which means that one note remains constant through the fragrance.  This is softened and shaped by the added top, heart and base notes.  This approach is consistent throughout all the scents so the body spray smells exactly like the perfume.

The shop has also undergone a's nice and bright but manages to have a homely kind of feel for me as my mum has this kind of setup in her dressing room..a room I can't even enter because I'd mess it up.  Which is mum is as tidy as I am messy..and I'm compelled by law (the law being me) to say that I don't even have a dressing table *grumble grumble*

The Royal English Daisy range is priced as follows:

· Eau de Toilette - 50ml bottle - £9.99
· Body Spray - 75ml bottle - £2.49
· Moisturising Body Lotion - £5.95

If you want to visit their store then it's super easy to find.  All you need to do is get the First Great Western Train to Windsor and Eton Central.  I went from the Paddington side, if you go that way, you need to change at Slough and change for the train to Windsor and Eton Central.  Once you come out of Windsor and Eton Central station, get your eyes in gear (I only say this as I got lost which is typical me) and you will see the shop across the road on your right).  If you're prone to getting lost like me then you can also check out Woods of Windsor and Yardley online.


  1. I love brands that embrace their history, this is so important.

  2. Hungover on Fashion: Thanks!

    Skin Scrubs: Me too..and I like the way they haven't jumped on the wedding bandwagon like many other brands have because this is what they do, they make perfume for Royals!

  3. yardley's english rose is my all time fave scent.. even thought it probably makes me smell like an old matriarch hah

  4. Kiran: The new stuff smells really nice so you'd never guess it was Yardley. I've already run out of the moisturiser and body spray!


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