Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2010: My beauty blogging year in pictures..and a "few" words

The idea to do this came to me last night when I couldn't sleep but was too lazy to get up and start typing.

These are some of the things that rocked my beauty socks in 2010..(click on the month to be taken to everything I rambled about during that time)

  1. Matte nail polishes.
  2. Failure of a matte blusher.  
  3. Melting cleanser from Clarins.  
  4. Started The Swatch Files.
  5. Mousse foundation.  
  6. Asked what the deal was with TE.  
  7. Found my perfect moisturiser thanks to Korres.  
  8. Found a makeup remover pen that worked.
  1. Managed to cheat myself to a smokey cats eye.   
  2. Grew my nails and showed my progress.  
  3. Reviewed a very good eye cream.  
  4. Had my first ever attempt at finding my crease. 
  5. Reviewed a smelly (but good) degreasing scrub.  
  6. Came across my first ever primer.  
  7. Introduced my cheaper version of Philip King's Elasticizer courtesy of Dabur. 
  1. Showed you my workday lip.  
  2. Asked why Rimmel LONDON sell a wider range of products in the US compared to in the UK. 
  3. Reviewed my favourite cuticle cream.  
  4. Reviewed the infamous Korres lip butters.
  5. Reviewed Tescos super cheap Vitamin E range.  
  6. Explored nude eyeliner.  
  7. Asked why some products held cult status despite not being liked very much.
I turned 26!
  1. Found my holy grail summer moisturiser.  
  2. Reviewed my favourite facial soap.  
  3. Swatched Stila liquid luminizer.  
  4. Managed a decent eye makeup look using an eyeliner brush and one eyeshadow.  
  5. Found a cheaper, better version of Urban Decay eye pencils. 
  6. Introduced you to my favourite beauty tool, my face brush! 
  1. Went a bit swatch mad with my Jemma Kidd items. 
  2. Had my layering eyeshadow idea "appropriated" by Bobbi Brown.  
  3. Reviewed two rose water based toners (one of which became my holy grail one and was discontinued *sobs*).  
  4. Fell in love with my Body Shop facial massager.  
  5. Showed you how I layered two eyeshadows.  
  6. Found an easy way to take my eyes from day to night. 
  1. Reviewed another gem of an eyecream.  
  2. Recanted you with tales of me and my sporadic use of the epilator.  
  3. Reviewed a Kryten looking lipstick from PURE.  
  4. Found a brilliant Indian nose pore mask.  
  5. Swatched a wide range of the Revlon Colourbust lipsticks.  
  1. Another facet of my obssessions was revealed..sewing!  
  2. The worst eyeliner brush I had ever used.  
  3. A not so brilliant eye roll on. 
  4. I finally learnt how to blend..
  5. I found a budget alternative to Urban Decay Primer Potion.  
  6. I swatched some bronzers from The Body Shop. 
  7. I found a terrible nail polish remover.  
  8. A brilliant hot scrub.  
  9. My favourite gel liner ever. 
  10. Reviewed Revlon brushes.  
  11. Swatched my favourite quad.  
  1. Swatched a lip and cheek tint from The Body Shop.  
  2. Showed you my all time favourite lipgloss.
  3. Bought too much glittery nail polish.  
  4. Found three different ways of wearing black eyeshadow. 
  5. Showed how I change the shape of my eyes/my work look.  
  6. Made my own toner.  
  7. Reviewed two different pore refiners.  
  8. Showed you my favourites of the year so far. 
  9. Dabbled with lomography.  
  10. Found some sheet soap. 
  1. Managed to make my eyes look super pepped up by using a baked eyeshadow.  
  2. Was amazed by a foamy exfoliator.  
  3. Told you why I loved the Models Own brushes so much. 
  4. Managed to work golden eyelids.  
  5. I became a walking stereotype and quite enjoyed it. 
  6. I found a budget version of the infamous Clarisonic.  
  7. Liz Earle's exfoliator sorted me right out. 
  8. I found a perfect nude lip combination for women of colour. 
  1. I found my very first mix it yourself exfoliator. 
  2. I swatched one of my favourite palettes.  
  3. I found a brilliant mud mask. 
  4. How to get perfect curls.  
  5. Did an 80's inspired EOTD.  
  6. Jumped on the Barry M bandwagon.  
  7. Found my perfect eyecream.  
  8. Gave purple eyeliner some attention.  
  9. Reviewed Shahnaz Husain skincare.  
  10. Experiences with SLS free shampoos. 
  1. I found a brilliant hairbrush cleaner and lectured you on Lord Denman.   
  2. Showed off my mittens..twice.  
  3. Was semi enamoured with ELF's large makeup holder. 
  4. Found the first ever eye makeup remover that didn't sting my eyes (joy!)  
  5. I swatched felt tipped eyeliners that don't budge.  
  6. I managed to find the crease and blend it accordingly. 
  7. Reviewed a mascara that gave me a mean curl.  
  8. Ventured into mineral blusher.  
  9. Celebrated Diwali.  
  10. Used my first ever LUSH facial product..the toner tabs. 
    1. I showed you what I took to Russia. 
    2. I found my perfect winter warmer, a Japanese tummy wrap. 
    3. I finally got around to swatching Revlon's Silver Fox Quad. 
    4. I found a decent natural dry shampoo thanks to Batiste.  
    5. I swatched Revlon's Suede Rhapsody lipsticks. 
    6. I bored you with my Christmas wishlist. 
    7. I bought some slightly less than practical winter shoes.  

    Phew! That was the year that was..


      1. My gosh, the effort you put into this post!!

        Great summary of the past year :)

        Look forward to another year of stalking you ;)

      2. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a while, but I've never commented before. I LOVE this post. It's a really good idea and the photo compilations are fantastic. I really enjoyed reading this. But a little request for the next time that you do something like this. Maybe you could post links to the referred posts in the list itself. It'll make it simpler for readers to read the posts they're interested in.

      3. matte nail polish always disappoints me, it always looks so amazing and cool in photos but super shit on my nails.

      4. Wow, looks like you had a great year! I loved this post!


      5. Great post hun!! Happy New Years.
        ps. ive tagged you, check it out:

      6. Great post! Loved reading through it. x

      7. How fabulous are you? What a great post - I love all of the eyes mixed in too. Can't wait to see what's in store for 2011 xoxo

      8. So much material to stalk you with >;D *evil laugh*

      9. Thanks everyone!

        SilhouetteScreams: You can stalk away, it makes me feel special :P

      10. "Had my first ever attempt at finding my crease."



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