Monday, 3 January 2011

NOTD: Models Own Discomix

This could quite possibly be my favourite nail polish in all my stash..

I can't wear glittery polish on my fingers at work as it's not deemed professional but this beauty has been adorning my toes ever since I got it.

Now that my nails have grown again (woo!) I've decided to coat them with it..why should the toes have all the fun?

It's a typical glitter polish..feels gritty when you put it on and is prone to chipping but a topcoat solves that.  If you want to use it as a topcoat over a base colour then one coat will do you.  I, however, wanted full on glitter so this is three coats.  My right hand looks better (it's literally glitterbombed nails over there) but as I can't hold the camera sufficiently in my left hand, you get to see the left..

The flash really brings out the missing patches but without the flash (and in real life) it's not that noticeable..

Apologies for the cuticle situation, I need to find a trimmer.

This is one of those polishes that I find are really nice, so much so that you can't stop taking photographs of them and a post which would be complete with one photo ends up having four or five..
I go back to work on Wednesday and I'm going to try and get away with wearing this until Friday..lets see how well that pans out..

Now all I need to do is find a mess free removal system...


  1. awesome1! i love glitter but i hate removing it!! :(

  2. Wow, pretty! I bet it would look gorgeous over a dark nail polish =D

  3. Ooh this is one of the Models Own polishes I want :-)

  4. Looks lovely!! I nerver tried a model's own nail polish before. I left you a versatile blogger award on my blog :)

  5. DROOL. I don't know why everytime I see glitter I revert to a 11yr old girl. It looks so prettyyyy

  6. liquouredonlace: Amen!

    G A B Y: I might try it over a dark polish, I do have a black that I could use..

    Lucy: It's really good, you can do three/four coats and it becomes like this or you can use it as a topcoat and it looks a bit galaxy-ish.

    The DollyMix Diaries: Thanks, I really like their polishes. For £5, you can't complain, they apply nicely and don't bubble or streak.

    Persephone: I am the same, it looks pretty as hell but is a right pain to remove.


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