Monday, 8 November 2010

Review: Revlon Grow Luscious mascara

I've had this a fair while now and I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't open any new mascaras until I finished at least ONE old one.  It was torture knowing I had this in my drawer and couldn't crack open the wrapping and get to using..but I held on and when my Collection 2000 mascara went to the great mascara cemetary, this baby was ripped open with an amount of excitement which bordered on derangement.

Grow Luscious was released by Revlon at the time when "mascara with benefits" was the in longer did we (apparently) want a mascara to just make our lashes look longer, stronger, curlier and sexier but we also wanted it to make our lashes grow.  I'm not sure how that works as a gimmick as I find that good old Vaseline usually helps mine grow..and some brands should focus on making sure their mascara does the basics first, let alone runnning before walking.

At first I thought this was one of those mascaras that you had to use continually for 30 days or so until you saw some benefits.  I researched it (who said beauty bloggers were lazy?!) and found out that it was a hybrid mascara.

It makes your lashes look longer and more luscious (see what they did there?) on a daily but also helps them grow stronger in time..the stronger the lash..the harder it is to break I suppose.

A lot of people want their mascara to be packaged in a black tube, I don't know why that is but surely how the product works is more important?  Different strokes for different folks, I guess.  I don't discriminate..I love the fact that tubes of mascara now come in bright colours because I often leave one in my bag and anything other than black is easy to find.  I've never lost my Maybelline Colossal before and I doubt I'll be losing this.

The wand is pretty long and pretty big, I wouldn't say chunky as it doesn't look cumbersome.  It looks like it gets the job done.  It's your standard mascara funny twig like looks the way you'd expect a mascara wand to look.

And here's how it looks in the old lashes..I took the last two photos to show the amount of curl this mascara gives me but it's not entirely clear.  I've never used another mascara which gave me this amount of curl before.  Clarins managed it with this offereing but the Revlon one blows that right out of the water.  I never realised until I took those pics just how hard it is to take a photo of your eye at that angle, hence why they're not in the best focus.

This mascara has easily made it into my top 3 mascaras (the other two being this and this..the other third one was this by Boots No7 but it doesn't compete when this comes into the running).  The photos don't show how truly long it made my can kind of see in the last photos but I was asked by about 10 different people if I was wearing false lashes.  My lashes are definitely thicker and longer.  You know sometimes when a mascara gives you these results and you touch your lashes and find they're rock solid? Not with this one, they stayed soft all day long.  When I open my eyes, my lashes hit the skin just under my brows..and that's just with one coat.  I had to steady myself when I imagined the results I'd get from two coats..or dare I even say it..THREE.

Another reason why I love this is because I've recently been doing the walking stereotype look a lot and I find that a lot of mascara don't highlight your lashes against the liner as much as you'd like them to..I like to see the lashes poking up over the liner and this is brilliant for that.

The mascara can be bought from the usual places and it retails for £9.99.


  1. There are so many of these out that I'm a bit bleh about them TBH!

    However... I might try your Vaseline trick! LOL

    Kaushal xx

  2. Oh I just cracked open my cover gil lash blast intense or some new marketing waffle thats been conjured up but I want this now! Im feeling the curl =D

  3. ooh i love how this made your lashes!
    definately going to try your vaseline trick :)


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