Friday, 12 November 2010

EOTD: Go Crease-d Lightning!

Many moons ago there was a girl..a girl with a mouth that wouldn't rest and eyes that (despite her internal protests) were definitely hooded.

For months she agonised over cutting the crease, how could such a thing be possible when the crease was something she needed a team of explorers to find?  Then, one day, she had an idea..

Why not use a pencil to mark out where the crease is and take it from there! 

This is the story of what happened..

(A story which is equally heavy in photos as it is in words)

It was a Monday evening, around about half 10 in cold, cold Southwark.  Due to the girl missing Eastenders at its usual time, she decided to watch it at 10 on BBC3.  Nothing decent was on afterwards so she decided to play around with her makeup..which was something she hadn't done for a while.

So, she dug out these items and got to working..

And this is what she got..

The first and fourth photographs show the colours in the most accurate real to life way.

The aforementiond girl is quite impressed with how this came out and thinks she may wear it to her work Xmas party..what say you?


  1. Duuuuuude, this is stunning! I love how it looks in the first open eye shot, your crease is like this awesome round halo.

    ....does that make sense? LOL

  2. I say you should def wear it to your work Xmas party!

  3. very nice! You should defo wear it out :)


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