Thursday, 16 September 2010

EOTD: Walking Stereotype

If there was one look which you could attribute to Indian girls throughout the ages, it would be this.

Thick eyeliner and lashings of mascara.

If you ever get that chance to look through any old photo albums belonging to Indian people, there will always be a photograph of someone sporting this look, regardless of when the photograph was actually taken.  I know it's true for my family..I have the bouffant haired photographs to prove it.

I'm not sure why this look is so popular, it could be because kohl is used in the eyes of infants' in India to ward away evil spirits or because it was a favoured look of Bollywood heroines back in the day.

Anyway, it's just really popular.

It was worn in the 70's, it was worn in the 80's, it was worn in 90's, it was worn in the 00's and is still being worn now as we we enter the 10's.

I have never worn it myself because I always felt that my liner skills were crap and that my eyes were too small.

After my recent success with my Stila smudgepot, I decided that it was time for me to get a piece of the action.

I am impressed with this for many reasons.

Firstly, I got the flick in the right place.  Achieving this has been no easy task in itself.  I used to draw the line across the lid first and then add the flick but this video tells you how to do it properly.  I don't often say that videos are great because I don't copy them that often.  I totally copied the steps in this one and it DOES work.

Secondly, there is no gap between my lashes and the liner.  The same video as above taught me that you really need to work the product in there as having even a tiny gap will be noticeable.

Thirdly, I managed to end the liner on the inner corner with a little flick. I didn't follow any directions for this, it just kind of happened. 

Lastly, I managed it without resting my arm on something solid, wahey!

I could tidy the tail up a little bit but I'm glad I've finally got the flick in the right place.  I never realised how matte the Bobbi Brown liner comes up but it's brilliant for daytime wear, they do versions which are more shimmery, too.  I wanted to use this pencil but couldn't find it so was stuck using the craptastic BadGal.


  1. I'm all about eyeliner and totally base mine on 60s Bollywood heroines. If you have typically round Indian eyes then kohl really does show them off. Deepika's make up in Om Shanti Om is pretty much my day to day look. Kohl, I'm obsessed with it :)

  2. Guilty as charged. Its one of my go to looks. I don't even wear eye-shadow everyday.

  3. I don't think its exclusive to asian girls. I know lots of girls who love the top eyeliner with a passion and they are of different backgrounds. I think the 60s Bollywood did make this famous perhaps in our culture but it was being worn in the western world by the likes of Twiggy.

  4. I don't know if me being Southeast Asian has to do anything with me being super obsessed with black eyeliner, but I seriously can't live w/o it. I feel naked if my lower waterline isn't stacked on thick of kohl.


  5. This used to be my signature look ;]

  6. THANK YOU! The video is brilliant :D

  7. Haha this is so true! Every Asian girl loves a flick! It is a great go-to look though. Your liner is so neat, I am so checking out that video, I'm rubbish at it!

  8. You did an amazing job! I can't personally pull it off :( Looks too harsh on me!

  9. i know right!! well i cant live wivout lining my eyes, coz without lining my eyes look beady i swear lol, babe u done a great job, *proud moment* :)

  10. Amina: Haha, thank you thank you! You and Shifa inspire me to get my arse to work at the blending and eyeliner practice and it is paying off!

    Shifa: It's because you have a delicate face, my face is all podgy so harsh lines can work! I built the line up from a thinner one so you could try that? Or use a brown pencil?

    Shameera: Thanks, it was no easy task. I have been practicing eyeliner since before I had this blog and I am finally happy with it. I just build the line up from a thinner one, one of my noob mistakes was thinking you had to get a thick line from the start but it's not!

    Ki: Isn't it? My brush wasn't the same as the one she used but the tips she gave make so much sense.

    Silhouette Screams: I'm sure you worked the hell out of it, I've seen the masterpieces you create.

    Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans: I asked my mum and she said that she just grew up with people doing it so the style came from there.

    Sana: I know people like Twiggy wore it but what I'm saying is that it hasn't been as timeless for other cultures as it has for Indians. I remember people wearing this look to school in the 90's when everyone else was into their white eyeliner.

    Adorable on your Vanity: I know, I know ;) I tend to go without eyeshadow but I use concealer in its place.

    Glitterish Allsorts: I have found the perfect way to show off my eyes with this so I'm going to do it from now and I'm going to Google your suggestion and have a look.

  11. i used to be crap at eyeliner too, but I find using a pencil first, then liquid one makes it easier.. havent tried this Stila smudgepot though.. tempting...

  12. this is looking so elegant!i lurvedddd it :D


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