Friday, 24 July 2009

Review: Prestige My Biggest Lashes

I've been out and bought yet more mascara bringing my grand total of mascaras up to about 9-10. However, the good news is that this mascara works great and is different to the rest I have. The newest one is Prestige's My Biggest Lashes.

I have found my four HG mascaras, using any of them makes me happy. The Prestige one is one of them, the other three are:

  • Boots 360 Lash
  • Maybelline's Colossal
  • Maybelline's Stiletto
As I said in a previous post I was looking to spend my Boots points and I'm saving adding any colour to my collection until I can figure out what I actually can wear on a daily basis and what suits me so all eyeshadows were off limits. I saw that myface cosmetics had an offer on their makeup, buy 2 for £14 but as nobody I knew had tried it, I stayed away from it and it's good that I did as further enquiry has told me that nobody really likes them. I will say one thing for their blushers though, they are the smoothest blushers I have ever felt :)

Anyway, I'm going off on one which is the norm really..I decided to get MBL with my points and they had two mascaras for £8 which was reasonable enough.

The mascara:
I like things which are out of the norm and a coloured mascara tube for a black mascara is quite out of the norm. The only other one which has this much colour is the Colossal. The bottle (?) is a nice fat shape and the pink and black colouring is appealing enough. Also, the lid fits on properly and there's no funny gap like you get with the Colossal. I tell you, the amount of times I've thought I haven't shut it properly and have had to check..

The brush:
Looks quite similar to the Badgal brush here but IRL they look different, this has less bristles and they aren't as tightly packed as the Badgal. As I said before, I usually check the wand and see how well the mascara will apply and as this looked more like the Colossal and the mascaras that work, I picked it up.

My eye:
All three photos are after two/three coats by which I mean two on the underside and one on the top side. The only issue I had with the mascara was that if you only put one coat in, it will smudge under your eyes. I'm sure you can see the adidas stripes I'm sporting in the second photo? They came from when I only had one coat on but after that it was all good.

I wasn't really convinced with the mascara when I had one coat on but with three, I was blown away! Also, the mascara is quite dry but you can wet it up by adding some Optrex but I find that the thickness gives me nice, sooty lashes which is something I've never had from a mascara before. The mascara does not flake at all which is a huge plus point. I also found that it made me look like I had criss cross fake lashes on which was nice as it was the first mascara which promised the fake lash look and actually delivered.

Yes, yes and yes again. I think this mascara has overtaken the Colossal in my mind but I have to apply a few coats of it to get that smoky look that I'm in love with but hey, it still gives me something.


  1. Thanks :) It's all the work of the mascara. Considering the fact it costs less than £10 and works as well as YSL's Faux Cils, I'd consider it to be the bargain of the century.


  2. I want this mascara, your lashes look awesome :)


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