Thursday, 28 April 2011

Spots be gone! Witch Blemish Stick..

A while ago now, my skin went into spot overdrive.  Even stranger, they only popped up on the right hand side of my face.  I had a particularly bad one on my's still there now but it's nothing as bad as it was and it is fading.

The Witch Blemish Stick is an odd product.  When I first opened it, I wasn't sure how to use it.  The stick fell out of the packaging and fell to the floor.  Once I'd washed it and it had dried, I got to using. 
You just stick your finger underneath (ooh er) and stroke the product over the spot.  No need to remove the actual product!
This smells potent. POTENT!! The smell is a very strong astringent smell (it is Witch Hazel) and it immediately hits you when you take the lid off.  Consistency wise, the actual stick of product is easy to mould.  If you squeeze it, it will succumb to the shape you squeeze it into. 

I put it all over the spotty parts; it stung my eyes and the smell whooshed right up my nostrils.  I had to wash it off as my skin got really hot.  I used it again but a bit more sparingly and although the smell was still strong, there were no watery eyes or skin warming.  So, don't be heavy handed!

The next morning, the angered spot had simmered down.  The redness had really gone down and I wasn't compelled to touch it either.  I think touching is one of the main problems with spots, the more you touch, the worse they get so the fact that this lets you forget you have a spot is a very good thing.

Once you've figured out how to use it, the packaging is really useful.  I chuck mine in my bag and it's not difficult to find it due to the size and the cap sticks on properly so it doesn't open when you don't want it to.  I used to have another one which was shaped like a pen and I was forever pulling that out of my bag when I wanted a pen...or a pen when I needed the stick.

You can pick this up from Boots for £2.75.  As soon as mine finishes, I'm going to buy another as despite it being fiddly at first, it's probably the best on the spot (see what I did there?) spot treatment I've ever used. 


  1. I've used this as well. I don't really like the 'texture'/consistency much (not the most convenient) and the smell is very strong (ugh) but this stick does work! Dried out my blemishes and they healed a lot quicker.


  2. I have always found this product to be exceptionally good, and a real bargain too. Like you, I found the packaging a little incovenient. When it is almost all used up, the stick does tend to fall out very easily, however for the job it does, I am willing to put up with that!

  3. Omg I used to use this and it worked at first but then after a while it stopped! I was so gutted! Now I use tea tree and that's been working for ages! :D xx

  4. This was one of the first spot treatments I ever used, and I did rather like it and didn't mind the potent scent (probably because it made it seem like it was working!)

  5. The last few weeks I've had spots all over the left side of my face/chin, big scarring feckers too! You could actually do a dot to dot on my face with the scars right now. I'm using the last of my Garnier spot stuff right now but it stays sticky for ages so my hair gets stuck in it and it's blue and makes me look disease-ridden! Will give this a go instead...

  6. Just in time for my 2 big redish pimples left and right. Ugggh. What does that potent smell? strong mint?

  7. Miss A: I totally agree. I feel the instructions re. usage should also be on the actual product and not just the cardboard packaging it comes in as I chucked that away as I had no space. It's the strongest smelling spot product I've used. The consistency takes a while to get used to, I was a bit put off by it first but now I don't mind it as much.

    Lash by Francesca Eyelash Extensions: Same here! I just wish it was secured in the pan a bit better so that it wouldn't fall out at the drop of a hat. Apart from that, it's brilliant!

    Sriya: Really? I had a Boots own brand pen which was good but ran out just when I needed it but I had that for AGES! I'm too scared to use raw tea tree on my skin because I know I'll burn myself or something. I love the tea tree mask from The Body Shop for clearing my skin, it's fantastic!

    Meeta: I feel exactly the same, if you can smell the smell so strong, it must be doing you some good!

    JadeyLou: I had exactly the same! They were so red and horrible and this has really sorted them out for me. It's totally not sticky but it does take a while to sink in so best to use it before you go to bed so that your hairs not flying around getting stuck to it.

  8. I love this post, and i couldn't have read this at a more appropriate time! I never ever get spots, and then all of a sudden, four have appeared. North, south, east and west point of a compass on my face!

    I put tea tree oil on them last night as they were driving me mad, and I woke up with them looking a lot better this morning, but, boy, does the tea tree oil pong! I couldn't possibly use it when I'm out and about.

    How is this one in terms of smell to use in public?

  9. Beauty Passionista: This only smells when you're at home and there are no scents nearby. Using it in public is fine as the smell kind of blends in..the only thing is that the product can fall out if you aren't careful but you get used to that after the first few times of usage.


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