Monday, 22 November 2010

ELF: Large Makeup Holder

I don't know how you can review a makeup holder, either it holds or it doesn't?

Before this came into my possession I was strutting around with my brushes in this less than sexy setup.  It was a right pain as it had a tendency to topple over whenever I took my foundation brush out, which was a daily thing as I use that every single day.

Then this came into my life and magical things happened.  I found myself with enough time to get ready in the morning and have some time to spare and actually get a cup of coffee down me.

Although the illustration on the box shows it as solely holding brushes, I've put the following into mine and it lets me just grab what I want with minimal fuss and set straight to work.

It's a great time saver and it's not as large as it looks which is good because you don't need too much space.  Simon quite likes it because I've managed to move all my "face stuff" to the bathroom so he can put his deodrant etc..on the old place and get ready in one room without me disturbing him.

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, I found that there were some scuffs and what can only be described as glue leakages..

Most of my smudges were on the back so you can't really see but I wouldn't be too happy if they were on the front and you were a stickler for good presentation.  The product itself isn't shoddy, the finishing just leaves a little to be desired.

You can get it from ELF for the princely sum of £12.00.


  1. Oh thanks for bringing this to my attention dear! I am always on the look out for new ways to store my junl! My fave is the little clear units that you can get from Muji.

  2. This is a nifty lil idea, My dresser is kinda cluttered with mugs/jugs and other things holding makeup and brushes.

    On a side note, the neutrogena grapefruit wash is awesome! pink AND it smells wicked...score!

    x x

  3. I really want one o f these its such a good idea! :-)

  4. oh cool!! and yes I am fan of the muji clear ones too. ps this is one of my fave blogs - funny? check. useful? check. thanks xx

  5. looks cool - i cant remember if i posted my comment already (some blogs make you wait for approval of comments..)but in case i havent already - i just want to say your blog is fab - so useful and also quirky and funny, a pleasure to read xx

  6. the holder looks nice. too bad tat the finishing is not top notch!

  7. Thats a neat idea, i have just a cup like you did. but i don't know if i would buy it with the smudges.. maybe for 12 dollars..


  8. I really like this, it's so convinient! :) I actually got 2 of these and none of them had smudges.



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