Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Swatch Files: Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks

These babies were released yesterday in the good old UK and the ones featured here came to me directly from Revlon HQ.
I tried to get an artsy shot in here a la this lady but can judge the effort for yourself.

I picked them up this morning and although this is a Swatch Files post, it comes with rambling..I haven't had a chance to trial them to my usual extent so here are my first thoughts about them:
  • I love the packaging, it reminds me of packaging that the high end brands tend to favour, it's nice and sleek.
  • I'm also suitably impressed with the embossing on the bullet, I'm sure that Chanel used to do this..I can't remember if they still do but looks pretty bitchin'
  • When you first put the lipstick on your lips, it follows the outline of your lower lip..smack your lips together and it transfers to the top's easy to fill in your lips and you get a natural looking lip coat.  It's like a lipstick for noobs which suits me perfectly.  I think this is BRILLIANT and if Revlon did it on purpose then they should deffo use this in their marketing because I'd snap up a lipstick that made application a doddle.  If it's totally by accident then they should stick with this bullet design
  • My lips are not the same colour, one is darker than the other..which is something quite common for ladies of a darker skin tone..this lipstick manages to make both lips look the same colour which is something I always want from a lipstick
  • They're nice and moisturising, I've had one colour on all morning and it hasn't dried my lips out.
  • They last for a long time too..once again, I've had this colour on all morning and have eaten a fair bit and it's still going strong!

I'm quite glad I got the chance to swatch these as I find that there is a lack of swatches on Indian skin online, anyway..

Le swatches!
I've edited the pics so that they're as close to real life as possible which is why my skin is different colours in some of them. Also, I just noticed how the camera gets closer to my lips as the swatches diminish, as you can see, form and order aren't words I'm familiar with.

If you want some "on the skin" swatches, Charlotte's got all over them over on her blog.

Revlon Colorburst are on sale now in Boots, they're currently on full price but Boots do have a 3 for 2 dealy on.


  1. I am waiting for a couple from us ebay they look lovely

  2. <3 I really like Plum on you, it gives you that sexy red/black vampire pout =D


  3. These look lovely! And not too 'lipsticky' if that means sense...cakey would probably be a better way of explaining haha!

  4. Love the look of Plum! You're sooo right, there's not enough swatches on Indian skin, so thanks for adding to them!

  5. These look gorgeous on you, especially Fuschia. Raspberry looks almost lavender on you though, maybe it's just the swatch.

  6. Soft rose and Blush is gorgeous think ill pick a couple up from boots.

  7. Thank you so much for the swatches! Although it's made me want all of them grr..

  8. Wow, love the fuschia & raspberry. What a bargain at £7.99 & 3 for 2!

  9. <3 Fuchsia, Plum and Raspberry on you :D

  10. I need this!!! thanks for the interesting post hun! hope you could follow me back! =)


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