Friday, 10 September 2010

The Makeup Hitlist

Is basically a list of three or four items of makeup which I need to finish before I buy any more.  I've used it successfully in the past to finish up an eyeshadow, two lipglosses and about five mascaras.

Currently it is these three beauties:
I have been trying to finish the 17 lipstick for the longest time, it makes my lips go orangey now but moisturises them a treat so I'm using it as an "at home" treatment..I just need to make sure I do it at a time when we have no deliveries.. 

The Prestige mascara is one of my HG mascaras and as I have been using it more and more recently instead of keeping it for special occasions, I am realising why exactly it is my HG.  This is the non waterproof version but there is next to no transference when your eyes water and no clumping at all.  I have reviewed it here already.

The Stila lipglaze is a mini and doesn't really provide any noticeable coverage so I'm just using it as a lip slicker and it is finishing very quickly.

What's on your hitlist?


  1. I am trying to do the same with some products that are coming to the end. I am so close to finishing my Benefit Dandelion blush. The Prestige mascara is great, it is better then Diorshow IMO.

  2. ooohhh i might try this.... my boyfriends always compling i have to much make up (i dont think i do lol)


  3. I'm desperately trying to get through about 5 lipsticks, 4 by 17 and one by Revlon. They are lovely but I can't justify buying anything more while I still have them. I wish theynwere glosses because I can get through a tube of gloss in a week if I try! :p

  4. i really really need to do this. i buy so much makeup and then it all just sits around -_-

  5. Meeta: The Prestige one has gone clumpy so I have chucked it and the lipstick has gone down to the nub and is too orange now so they have both gone. Just the lipglaze left.

    Lil Miss Giggles: I am the same but now that I have no space, I have decided to start getting through it all.

    Glitterish Allsorts: Try using the lipsticks as blusher, that's what I have done with quite a few of mine and it really helps, plus you don't get stuck trying to match a blusher to your lip colour.

    Katie: I feel your pain1


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