Wednesday, 8 September 2010

EOTD: Autumn

I was pissing around with my Jemma Kidd stuff and I really wanted to see if you could use a pencil and smudge it successfully over a cream shadow without it all falling in on itself.

Before I get to the good part (yes, there is a good part) I'm just going to ramble a bit more about the cream shadow.  I am a cream shadow noob..well, a decent cream shadow noob.  I remember a few years ago I got a silver cream shadow free with a separated within two weeks so I had to shake it before using it but it was still very runny.  This Jemma Kidd one is not like that, it's got a bit more gumption and I have had it a lot longer than two weeks.  I didn't read the instructions because I'm a rebel (read: the instructions were in the box and required some effort and I was too lazy)..

I took the doe foot applicator out and sloshed it over my eyelid and then blended it in.  Then I decided to take the doe foot out but transfer the shadow to my brush and then blend..I think both ways worked as well as each other.

After putting the eye on, I read the instructions which said that you are meant to draw a line along the lash er..line and then smudge it upwards with a brush and add more as you need it..which makes sense but would take you a lot longer.

Anyway, enough talking! It's pure photos now and a "how I got the look" (aka a tutorial)

These photos how wimpy this eyeshadow is, it's nothing compared to my (poor departed) Maybelline Colossal.

How to do it
  • Take MAC 239 and dab it in the Stila highlighter
  • Apply it to the inner corner of your eye and take it slightly under your eye and onto the lid
  • Take the applicator out of the eyeshadow container and dab it on your eyelid
  • Get your blending brush and's not hard with a cream shadow
  • Blend a bit more
  • Add more if needs be..
  • Wait a minute or so for the shadow to set
  • Get your eyeliner pencil and draw a line from the middle of your eyelid to the outer corner
  • Blend it with the smudger
  • Apply more of the pencil if you want a darker, smokier look but make sure you don't line all the way to the inner eye because you don't want the area to be too dark (it's fine to smudge it out there but you don't want any concentrate..)
  • Take the pencil from the outer corner of your eye and take it a quarter of the way around your lid...smudge it.
  • Whack on some mascara
  • Take the pencil right under your waterline and "rub" it through your lashes until it joins the Stila highlighter and until the line is pretty dark.
  • Smudge.


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