Saturday, 11 September 2010

Concealer! Concea! Conc!

See what I did there? No? Never mind..

I've done it.

I've finally done it.

No no, I haven't spotted and photographed Big Foot or found a cure for the common cold.  I've done something far better..

A concealer that actually works for me!

The story is simple.  My eye went manky..I went shopping for a new makeup remover and happened to come across a Clearance stand in my local Boots.

I picked up a concealer which well as I could match it with one eye.

Bought the baby home, tried it on my good eye and it worked.

As the days went on and my eye went back to its usual self, I started using the concealer more and more and realised that it was love.

It matched my skin colour perfectly, didn't settle in lines, was easy to apply with fingers and lasted ages.

You know what I'm going to say has been discontinued but I have bought backups in bulk from ebay so I'm happy. However, the odd thing is this..I can get a good High Street foundation match from Bourjois but their concealers are too light..yet Rimmel foundations are too light for me but their concealer was spot on.

I'm still a concealer noob so if you have any tips re. how to apply it properly and to make it last a bit longer on the eye area, tell me!


  1. It's great when you find something that works. I dust a little MUFE HD powder on concealer under my eyes to make it last.

  2. My Mac concealer is heaven in a pot! I loveee <3 Studio Finish I think its called. Rimmer brings me out in rashes!

    The only think I do for my concealer is to apply it with my ring finger as its delicate and soft. =)

  3. Ya know what i have to run and tell my mate this is being discontinued, because some time last xmas my friend needed a quick fix concealer asap for that night when she was going out - no mac near by so she bought this, and she actually really likes it

  4. I used to struggle with concealer as well, it's only now that I've learned to use very (VERY!) little product and to blend it out quickly and well, a little into my cheekbone as well so that it doesn't stand out.

    Try using it on your browbone for a natural highlight, I like that trick a lot :)

  5. The cheekbone idea is genius!!

    Shifa: They have some really good deals on there, I think I got 4 tubes for about £6.

    Amina: I really like the consistency of it, it's like liquidy but not too much.

    Sana: I have never tried a MAC concealer, when I went to try them out, the girl behind the counter was a bitch so I left it.

    Meeta: I have heard good things about that powder, once my Rimmel powder finishes, I am going to try it.


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