Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Body Shop Delipscious Lipsticks and Lipbalms

I was given two of these at the Body Shop bloggers event..for some reason I've been really slow in getting stuff out of the goody bag and using it.

I used these the other day..and then again today..
In short, I don't like them.

I think the food grade angle is the problem.  When I first put them on, they don't taste like lipsticks..they taste nice.  I don't mean that I chew a chunk of them before applying.  It's the incidental taste you get when you put stuff on your lips.

After about 20 minutes, I got the most disgusting taste in my mouth, I can't say what it was of but it was really bitter.  I had to have a couple of big glasses of water and take the lipstick/balm off and still there were traces of bitternes.
They are moisturising..very moisturising but the taste really puts a downer on them.  

The tinted lip balm should, in my opinion just be called a lipbalm.

When I put it on my lips, you couldn't see it! However, my lips are quite pigmented so that could be why.  I forced Simon to let me swatch it on his lips and you could see a slight sparkle..for all the 4 seconds he kept it on.

They didn't stay on my lips long enough for me to swatch them..


  1. that's a real shame! I was intrigued by the "food-grade" ingredients, I read an article a while back that said this would be the new take on "organic beauty." But if it tastes icky what's the point?!

  2. How disappointing! To me i just don't see the need to have the lippie made of all food ingredients. I know you ingest a lot of lippie in your lifetime, but it's all safe anyway :/

  3. Naz: Exactly! When I first put them on, the "taste" was really nice but then after a little bit, it backfired on me. The lipstick is pigmented enough for my lips but the taste makes it a FAIL.

    Lillian: I think it should be applauded when a company try to make something safer but as you said, I assume it is safe anyway so wasn't too sure why food grade was used. The usual TBS lippies are nice enough.



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