Saturday, 6 March 2010

FOTD: Fail of the day featuring me, Sally Hansen and Nails Inc

My Jessica Nails manicure started chipping the other day and I kept going with it until it started to look totally raggedy.  On Tuesday, I decided that I'd paint my nails as soon as I got home.

So, come 5 p.m. I found myself striding through my front door like a woman on a mission.  I found the polish, "de worked" myself (changed my skirt for pj bottoms and my top for my favourite t-shirt stolen from the Simon fund) and decided to start painting my nails.

The colour I chose was Motcomb Street by Nails Inc.  I've never been shy to proclaim my love for Nails Inc polishes in the past and I never took much notice when people said they found the polishes to be streaky and the brushes to be dodgy, I just assumed they had bought a bad one.

Anyway, I sat down, got the brush out for a polish which looked decidedly like a dark petrol blue.  I took the brush out and applied it and the polish was green! There was no indication from looking at the bottle that it would be green but I didn't mind as this colour was equally nice so I started to apply the first (thin) coat.

In short, it didn't work, the brush was dodgy and didn't take the colour too well, it applied really streaky and I had to apply a massively thick coat just to cover my nail.

I vented about this on Twitter and was told by other bloggers that their freebie Nails Inc polishes were a bit dodgy and also that Nails Inc polishes are like a lottery, some good, some bad.

This experience makes me think twice about Nails Inc, I hadn't noticed this until now but I seldom reach for Nails Inc anymore, I either pick up my George@ASDA polishes or my Jessica Nails ones.  The other Nails Inc polishes I use seem to be deteriorating in quality too but the brushes are fine.

I took a photo so you could see the actual colour and the horrible application job, I blame the polish and brush for the polish on my skin because I had to redo parts of the nail due to streakiness:
The biggest loser in this story is Nails Inc, I was going to buy some more of their polishes during my lunchbreak at work tomorrow as they have a salon down by Canary Wharf station but now I'm not going to bother..

The two winners of the story are me (naturally) and Sally Hansen.

I bought this from the Pound Shop the other day:
I really like it.  However, there is a problem.  The smell.  It smells really strong, so strong that I had to stand by an open window and use it and even then I could still smell it.  If you have young kids, I wouldn't use it anywhere near them because it does really whiff.  I made the mistake of smelling it and it whooshed up my nostrils super fast.

It contains no acetone but it dried my fingers out a bit, I wouldn't use it every day and if you moisturise your hands, you won't realise a difference.  It also contains Keratin which I know is good for your nails!

Anyway, it's a sponge in a jar and you just dip your fingers in and it cleans them, I've done a little step by step thingy so you can see that it actually works:
I'd already taken my finger out of the sponge when I took this shot, it took all the polish off the nail.

You can get this in different smells, namely a lemon scented version and an apricot scented version.

Have you ladies had any fail varnish (see what I did there?) experiences? Don't be shy, share them with the group!


  1. Nails Inc are really hitty missy some are good some are awful

  2. wow love that sally hansen remover thing :) Great post :)

  3. yay another pound shop find! I think the colour looks great. I'm not a fan of Nail Inc varnishes anymore since my favourite (China Town) has managed to wedge itself shut :( I think the major problem is the brush - it's too thin!

  4. uhuh iv just bought a batch of nails inc colours and so far iv tried two, i definately have a few things to say about these lol ill save that rant for my post tho :)

  5. That remover thing looks awesome :)

  6. Louise: I never realised that before as all the others I had were really good but now I'm seeing that there are other brands out there which are cheaper and work better.

    Shifa: Thanks :) You should try to get it, it doesn't sting or anything but it does smell but I think the scented one could help you get over that.

    Une Tasse: I have China Town too, I love the way it's got that little bit of pearlescent purple in the hot pink but I don't reach for it anymore. When my polishes wedge shut I run them under really hot water and the lid usually loosens. I've got another Pound Shop bargain that I'm going to blog about soon!

    Inner Belle: Haha, what shades did you get? You should try the nail polish from ASDA, it's really good.

    SilhouetteScreams: It's really good, I think it's more for salons than for home use though because of the strong smell but for £1, you can't complain!

  7. I've never tried Nails Inc but i think they're just too pricey for me to bother with. That Sally Hanson thing looks great! I like the idea of just melting away polish.

  8. Awesome nail polish remover!


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