Saturday, 6 March 2010

Tescos Vitamin E range

A while ago now, I got an email from Tescos (is it chavvy saying Tescos? Well, I don't's what I've always called it) asking me if I'd like to try their Vitamin E range.  I said yes because there were parts of the range which I'd never seen in shops.

This is what I recieved and will be reviewed on here (in depth) once I've had a chance to use everything for a little while:
I've just realised that I didn't photograph the wipes that I was sent but they've been caught on camera before.

So, if you're looking for a concise review about these items, it's best to look elsewhere but if you want a rambling, tangent filled review..stick around!


  1. Ooo looking forward to hear what you think f these hunny. I hear the cleanser is supposed t be really good. Its always sold out in store.


  2. Lol...they luk like a family :) wud luv to hear more abt these!

  3. Can't wait till you review them :)

  4. Weirdly enough, I really like the minimalistic packaging :)

  5. Jo: You know I'm on my moisturiser quest, they didn't have it in any Tescos that I went to and I was hoping I'd get sent that but I didn't so will have to try and scope it out elsewhere. I haven't even tried the cleanser yet as I'm trying to get over my liquid eye makeup remover fear!

    Divija: Hehe, I never noticed that! I hope they do work because you can get the whole range for less than a tenner.

    Beauty Vibes: It may take a while as I'm currently testing other skincare at the mo but it will be up!

    SilhouetteScreams: It's quite nice, I quite like the way it looks like it hasn't made the effort but the wipes that I've used work a lot better than some more expensive ones I've tried


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