Wednesday, 3 March 2010

London Fashion Week: Part 3: The manicure!

Before I attended LFW I was asked if I wanted a complimentary manicure and for someone who has been growing her nails, I'd have been a fool to say no.

The EdC show finished and I hung around a bit waiting to find someone who could take me backstage.  The staff were, to their credit very helpful and polite.  I don't think I could have been so polite if my work day had of been so hectic.

I was finally led to the backstage entry and given this:
I went on through to the media room and was introduced to Heather from Jessica Nails by Mary Tabitha (also from Jessica Nails).

Heather sat me down and asked me questions about my nails and what I wanted from the manicure and so I started rambling about how I'd been growing them and how one was a bit funny (anti biotic nail) but how now I was pleased that I had a surface where you could put more than a milimetre of nail polish.

She was really patient and listened to everything I had to say and explained which products would be best for my nails.

The manicure itself was my first ever manicure and I now have very high standards for any which follow.  I can't remember the order in which Heather applied products because I didn't think to write it down as soon as I got home but I don't have it totally out of sync.

Everything that was used on me was by Jessica Nails so I'll just state the name of the product.

First, Heather removed my clear nail polish with this and then got me to soak my fingers in some warm water.  I don't know if it was plain warm water or if it was diluted with a Jessica Nails product.  My fingers and were dried and Heather applied some Nourish Cuticle Formula and worked that into my cuticles (I have this in the Jessica Nails giveaway that I won on Twitter but was never sure how to use it but I do know now).  I asked a million and one questions about what cuticles were (I had no idea) and she explained what they were and how to make sure that you are removing only cuticle and not parts of the nail/skin.

Heather then applied some Phenomenon Oil to the cuticle area and massaged it in.  My cuticles were then pushed back by a vibrating machine thingy which looked painful but totally wasn't.  My nails keep getting really dirty underneath and despite me having cleaned them a million and one times during the day, they still had dirt under them so Heather took a wooden stick thingy (which I've since learnt is called an orangewood stick) and took the dirt out from under my nails.

My cuticles were then trimmed with a cuticle trimmer (shocker, I know!) and some more Nourish Cuticle Formula was rubbed in.

My nails were then filed into a round shape which I was told was the best and strongest shape for nails.  I didn't really notice a difference until I properly examined my nails the day after, they looked a lot more "professional" in shape.

My nails were brushed with warm water to get any of the excess cuticle off my hands.  I soaked them again and they were dried and ready for painting.

Heather applied Reward (a basecoat) and then two coats of the nail polish I chose (I really should have asked for the name!)

Oh, I forgot to mention this.  I asked about my anti biotic nail (ring finger nail) and Heather said that the actual nail had been injured and that this was why there was a ridge in it but she did have a product for it so that nail got a special coating with Flawless which helps to even out nails with bumps and ridges.

I asked about drying times and was told that Jessica Nails nail polish works itself into the nail and by the time you've completed your last nail, the first one is dry.

After two coats of polish, a top coat (Brilliance) was applied and once that had dried Heather added a drop of Quick Dry to each of my nails so that the polish would dry quicker.

One thing I was mighty impressed with was the high standard of hygiene, Heather cleaned her hands with a sanitiser after every single step which is something I have never seen a manicurist do before (I've seen them carried out, never had one myself).

This is the finished product and the pics don't do the brilliance of the manicure any favour, it was looking mint when I had it done but I had to get things out of my bag and pockets and so there were some slight imperfections, all my fault though :(  I took the first two pics on the Tube so the bumps and wobbly bits are reflections. 

This is how they looked when I was back home:
    I didn't think to ask the name of the colour I chose to go on my nails but it's a very nice dark purple/plummy affair and I love it.

    The manicure lasted from Sunday until Friday and I've decided that when my nails are a bit longer, I'm going to get another Jessica Nails manicure.

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