Friday, 5 March 2010

EOTD: Liquid eyeliner, Family Guy, Hemingway and socks

The other night I was on Twitter lamenting about how I don't read as much as I should.

The book which inspired the lament was The Essential Hemingway, a book I had bought and left at work.

I shut the computer down at 11 with the intent to watch Family Guy and start reading some of my other books which needed a good read.

Then I decided to open my makeup drawer..just to have a look inside.

I ended up picking up my liquid liner and seeing if I could get a smooth line across the lid without using a rest for my elbow.

I was pretty shocked when I found out that I could, then I went a bit further and decided to Cleopatra my eye a bit and this is what happened:
This alone is quite a big achievement for me as I couldn't even do this WITH an elbow support back in December.

I got a bit brave and decided to see if I could link it around the bottom..
It turns out that (bar a few extra dabs) I could.

I'm quite pleased with this despite the fact that the liner on the top was a tiiiiiiiny bit patchy but I can iron that out the more I practice.  The one main thing I learnt was that you don't get a decent thick line after one go, you need to do a thin line first and then build it up.

The liner in question is a super cheap one from the local chemist, I think it cost me about £1.  It's really black, dries super fast and doesn't shift until you remove it yourself and even then it doesn't smudge, it comes off in flakes.  If anyone's interested, it's this one:

And check out these gorgeous socks I got on my lunchbreak, they were only a fiver!
I wanted to get a pair of socks that had a brown bear and a white bear (i.e. me and the Rossman) but the lady only had a display pair of those so these socks are me and the Rossman with a tan!

What eye makeup looks have you girlies been wearing lately?


  1. LMAO girl u do make me laugh, them socks are doin it =D

    i cross my arms when i apply eyeliner and hold my elbow with the other arm lol, i look like a right doughnut!

    how u getting on with the olay stuff? x

  2. Love the socks ;) Liner looks great....

  3. Well done on the eyeliner, it looks really good!
    And those socks are great! XD
    My eyeshadows arrived yesterday by the way, thanks so much, they're all lovely :)

  4. I'm on a mission now to find that eyeliner it looks good!

  5. well done honey :) aww those sockies r cute

    ps im typin this msg whilst my nails dry n i jus screwd one up :(

  6. Nooberella: You know you love them! They're so warm, I've been wearing them to work like a sap but the office was freezing. I know exactly what you mean about the cross over arm thing, I used to do it, you could try sitting at a desk and resting your arm on there. I don't know who I managed to pull this off, it was late and I just went for it.

    Divija: Thanks :)

    Lillian: Thank you :) If you want any more, let me know. I can't wait to see the FOTD's you do with them.

    Little Miss Cherry Kisses: You can get it from most places that sell cheap makeup really, like chemists etc..the tip is nice and bendy so that you can control it better.

    Inner Belle: Thank you! I do the same with the nails, I wait like 5 mins and then start typing and get pissed off when one smudges.


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