Sunday, 14 February 2010

Excuse me, where the hell have you been?!

Remember last year when you went out shopping and picked up a right peach of an item? I do.

Remember when you came back home, swatched it, wore it about and realised that this new item was your new best mate? I do.

Remember when you vowed that this would be your signature eyeshadow/eyeliner/lipstick/lipgloss/foundation/blusher? I do.

Remember when you put it in drawer after putting your makeup on? I do.

Remember the next morning when you decided to switch it up a bit and use something different? I do.

Remember when you vowed to wear it the next day? I do.

Remember the days and weeks which followed where you totally forgot about your new best mate? I do.

Remember last week when you were rooting around your makeup stash trying to find something and came across your (neglected) new best mate? I do.

How does this happen?! I swear it's happened to me more times than I care to remember.  Remember that post I had before about items I was going to use more of this year? Well, these were the items I remembered at the time..turns out I had more which I had totally forgotten about, despite being in love with them when I bought them.  It's happened to me with a L'oreal Star Secrets Palette, Maybelline's Lash Stiletto (which I'm chucking out because it make my eyes itch after a few hours), my No7 glosses and countless other items.

However, I was quite shocked when I found these two lurking in my makeup drawers as I LOVED them when I first had them and then I totally forgot about them so from now on I'm going to make an effort to use them until they finish!
I seriously can't believe I totally forgot about Dune, I even reviewed it! Yinka recommended it as the perfect nude for women of colour (WOC's) and I trust her when it comes to those kind of statements so I snapped it up from ebay.  I got the 17 one from Boots in Terminal 5 when my mum went on holiday and I started to cry.  I'm such a dick, 25 years old and cries when her mum leaves for 2 weeks, despite the fact that I've gone months without seeing her when I was at uni.

Do you guys do the same with products? I think this might be something that only I do.


  1. yea i know that feeling, i always do it lol!

    by the way i bought lash stileto ages ago and only finally got round to using it this week, and its made my eyes itchy too, it flakes and bits get into my eyes, whats the dealio with that?!

  2. Pls count me in! Whoa, i sound as if this is a giveaway! LOL I did this, am doing this, will do this forever! Dont worry! you have a great company LOLZ

    It feels so happy to find lost love :)


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