Monday, 15 February 2010

Review: SkinMD Natural Shielding Lotion

The first review of February!

I was sent this by SkinMD Natural to trial so I obviously didn't part with any cashola.  Regardless of that, I've had it a good few weeks now and I've tested it properly.  For a while I tested it out at my place with the Mr, then he went to France for a week (he's back now, yay!) and I moved back to my parents.  When I test a multi-person item like this, I make my whole family use it..which is why the reviews usually take a while.

SkinMD claim that it is "far more effective than conventional moisturisers and that it promptly absorbs and transforms the outer layer of skin into a hydrating invisible shield..finest natural ingredients together with a quantum advance in skin hydration..regeneration is fully realiused within a few days".

The bottle

The lotion
What did I think?
The instructions said to use the lotion every 2-8 hours and then every day.  I didn't follow these instructions as I don't think people have time to be moisturising arms and legs that often..I can't see people whacking the legs on their desks during the working day and moisturisng away without getting a few strange looks.

With that in mind, I moisturised whenever I felt I needed to.

I should mention that this cream has been used for anything and everything whilst its been in my possesion.  The Mr used it as a handream, my brothers used it as a handcream and my dad used it as a footcream.  It sounds very unhygienic but as this isn't a tub, it's very easy to just dab some on your hand and be done with it, no risk of cross-contamination.  My mum used it as a night cream and I used it to moisturise my arms and my legs.  Oh, I also used it as a cuticle massager thingy.

How did it work?
In short, VERY WELL.  It's a lotion so it's very light but it really does moisturise your skin well.  I used it on my arms for two consecutive days (as I do with my normal moisturiser) and then I found that I could skip a day and my skin would not be dry.

My brother has really dry hands and he used to moisturise every day but with this lotion, he uses it twice a week and his hands no longer look ashy.

My mum has dry skin and she used to use another cream over night which made her really greasy in the morning, this lotion hydrates and doesn't make her greasy.

My dad had hard skin on the bottom of his feet and this made the softer..he told me this and I wasn't in a rush to check myself!

It's what I've always wanted in a body moisturiser, a lotion that isn't sticky, doesn't take an age to dry and moisturises like a body butter without the added strain of having to rub it in for 5 million years.

Oh, there's no SPF in this bottle but then I don't think it's really needed for a body moisturiser? They do have a version of the lotion with SPF in it which is aimed for the face.

Oh oh, another thing I forgot to mention, there is no palpable smell from this so men won't feel overly girly after having used it and it won't get in the way of your perfume.

I'd buy it.  It seems costly and when I go the bottle I did think it was pretty small but it lasts and lasts and lasts! The fact that it's a lotion means that it's easier to blend in than body butter and it actually moisturises.

SkinMD Natural Shielding Lotion retails for £15.35 and you can buy it from Lloyds Pharmacy.


  1. Great review! I agree, it's great stuff x

  2. this lotion works best :)

  3. Oh my God ... everyone has tried the lotion and says it is wonderful ... I also want to try it! But where to buy it? I'm from Portugal ...

  4. I'm with Lu. I'm also from Portugal and everyone says wonders about this lotion. I also have really dry skin and from what I hear it could solve all my problems :O


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