Saturday, 13 February 2010

The first (original) EOTD of 2010

Remember the post where I said I resolved to use more of my neglected makeup? Well, the other day I decided to do exactly that..

I've stolen my palette pic from my other post to show you which colours I used:

I was rather daring and I decided to use all of TWO colours (oooooooooh).
This is the first time I've ever attempted to use a darker colour on the edge of my eye, I won't call it the crease as though it was originally meant to be IN the crease, my general cackhandedness put paid to this and I ended up just blending on the edge of the eye.

I quite like this look and I'll be honing in on my "crease" application over the days and weeks to come.

Also, I took one pic with the flash off and the colours totally transformed..
I don't know why it looks like I've use silver and purple here.. 

So, what do you guys think? Constructive criticism is what I really need..I know that I'm heavier on one side than the other so if you have any tips on how to rectify that, please..ENLIGHTEN ME!


  1. LOVE the bronze/gold combo, very me =D
    im going to experiment more with my sleek storm palette, my blending skills are terrible =0/


  2. nice colors
    i guess just use a smaller blending brush and just go in the crease with it, if its smaller it will be more where you want it to be:)

  3. Very very pretty! I'm afraid i cant help, i'm useless at blending so i always just have big contrasting colours on my eye.

  4. hey hun, when i started off with makeup i found that i always started with applying too much colour in one go,and that was where i went wrong.

    The trick is for me, to apply a lil colour in the crease and build up, workin eye to eye as you apply more and more colour, hope that helps, and ofcourse practice makes perfect

  5. This post has been in draft for ages, I actually did it before I found that pixiwoo video so I had no idea how to blend.

    I'm doing blending take 2 tomorrow/on Monday when I get in from work so I'll whack that up.

    Inner Belle: Your skills at blending are awesome, when you apply it, it looks so naturally done..I'm going to get there one day! Your point about applying a little at a time makes sense, usually I apply the base colour first (all in one go) and then the same with the crease but the pixiwoo video said you should build it up so I'm going to start.

    Might even try now..

  6. I think it looks great! It can be tricky to get colour to be in the crease and at the same time blended. I agree that it's mostly a case of practice, but what you did here looks fab anyway. Keep playing and posting your looks.

  7. Looks like u have more drafts than published ones ;) pls publish all ur drafts! THnq for the EOTD. u remember or not! that was my request!

    200% agreed on the flash part! it luks totally different!

  8. Hey! Im a New follower! I love your blog, and your eyes look uber amazing here! Just showing some love on your page!
    come visit/follow my blog!
    or we can tweet away!

    XoXo, Suzanna!

  9. The bronze shadow looks amazing on your skintone! :) idk if I can offer any advice, I generally use the same technique for my eyeshadow - lid colour, crease colour, outer v/deeper crease colour, etc =/

    But if it's easier, you can always apply the crease colour first :) that way it's easier to fix if you're not happy with it

  10. Thanks everyone!

    I have a series to posts to get out first but the one directly after that will be another EOTD that I'm practicing this week!



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