Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Review: Revlon Matte Blush

I was sent this by Revlon along with the makeup remover pen which I love.

This was originally just going to a swatch in The Swatch Files but I felt the need to give it a proper review.

I have had this just as long as I've had the makeup pen but have kept this in my makeup drawer as it looked too nice to use.

I decided to get over myself and use the thing and this is what I found.

First, here's what the blusher looks like:
Flash off:

Flash on:
The colour looks like a nice light dusky pink colour and I have blushers which look the same in the pan so I thought this would work well with me.

I've been calling this my James Bond makeup simply because when you press the a button, the mirror pops out with the quickness.  I really like the sleek, black packaging that Revlon are going for with this matte range.  The mirror is both a blessing and a curse.  When I dabbed my brush in the product, it flew everywhere.  If you were to tilt the mirror up to see your cheek (as you would when on the Tube/in the car), you'd get blusher over your outfit or places of your face where you don't want blusher).
Revlon claim that it "brushes onto cheeks smoothly and effortlessly for a soft matte look and a smooth, even finish.  Perfectly defines and contours the cheekbones.  Face-flattering range of shades from nude to berry with a soft-matte finish."

What did I think?
I didn't like the blusher because it had poor pigmentation pay off and it was pretty chalky to apply.  I didn't use the brush which came with it because I never get on with those kind of brushes.  Smooth seems to be the key thing which this blush is touted as giving you but I didn't find that to be the case at all and the swatches will show you why.

I feel I should explain a bit about the poor pigmentation.  I am Indian, therefore lighter colours find it hard to show themselves on my skin.  I thought this may have been the case here but I went to Boots and swatched the darker shades and they were just as hard to convert.

I have a YSL blush which is matte but you get a smoother colour from it.  Also, I had greasy cheeks when I used it and it was still chalky. 

I used my kabuki brush to pick up colour and then my fingers and this is all the colour I got:
No flash:

Flash on:
The colour with the flash off is the most accurate shade.  I'm quite disappointed by this product because I love the matte blushes but I can see I will have to look elsewhere to find a High Street equivalent of my YSL blush.

I wouldn't purchase this as the colour payoff isn't as good as expected and it's chalky.  I really wanted this to work for me as I dislike blushers with glitter in them.  Don't let the poor performance of this product put you off other Revlon things because I love the pen and the mousse foundation.

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  1. That does seem rather rubbish.. shame because I'm a sucker for nifty packaging like that!
    That being said, I always prefer cream blushers over powder.


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